Russian predicts Cali will become a part of China

Found this story thanks to Raymond Roker and just loved this part:

"California will form the nucleus of what he calls "The Californian Republic," and will be part of China or under Chinese influence. Texas will be the heart of "The Texas Republic," a cluster of states that will go to Mexico or fall under Mexican influence. Washington, D.C., and New York will be part of an "Atlantic America" that may join the European Union. Canada will grab a group of Northern states Prof. Panarin calls "The Central North American Republic." Hawaii, he suggests, will be a protectorate of Japan or China, and Alaska will be subsumed into Russia."
read whole story



It has been a while. Haven't been feeling too open figuratively and time wise especially. End of the year, sabes? Finals, papers to correct, being a son, being a father can put writing into cyberlandia farther in my mind.

- Some students pull it together in the end, right on time, some too late and some sadly just lose it.
- I need to get them their papers back so they know what they need to work on, my eyes hurt sometimes from the screen light.
- Mom is fighting a new cancer and praying, calling, and checking in can make me lock myself inside only to peek out when I have to.
- Q got busted with her first millennial pre-teen issue and she needs to know changes do suck sometimes, but it will all be alright.

But life is good also.

I got good peeps around me. All year good people have supported me in many ways, helped me grow and be better. I don't starve in any sense of the word: love, food, health, wealth, etc.
Gracias to mi Roci n my Q, mis curanderas/os, and my jale.
I made my first Thankstaking turkey in my house. Q called him Bob. Thanks to Chef Bubba for his excellent cooking advice.

This week the holiday parties are hitting hard:
Thurs. RV @ the Heist at Florentine's
Fri. Ugly X-mas Sweater Party at ELA Mkt. #3
Sat. Tree Trimming and Mole at Casa de la Bruja Mafufa
Sun. Annual Factory Party
plus the various holiday sales like the Anti Mall. If you don't know you better ask someone.

Tune into Groove Radio .com and listen to the Holiday Groove an annual mix of over 40 DJs recorded live a couple of weeks ago at an amazing party. CLICK on LISTEN NOW


I want my bailout...

I want to buy myself a big ole TV
Travel with my gf and mi hija
Buy my mom and dad a house
Fix the building I live in
Pay artists to paint my walls
Feed some family-less peeps
Get me a new PS2 and an Xbox too
New shoes and clothes would be nice
Fix and detail my car
Heck, sell it and get a hybrid
Get wall to wall carpet
Solar panels on the roof
Double pane windows
Some tix to see G. Lopez
Native desert plants around the house
Some new CDJs and Technics would be great
Dodger and Laker tickets
Donate to Self Help Graphics and KPFK
Buy some Chicano/a art

Charge it all, and say "ooops I messed up, I over spent, can I get a bailout? I need one 'cause I have to pay my artists, my mechanic, the stores I owe, the workers I hired, the bills I owe, or people will be out of work! I need to pay my debts with your help Uncle Sam 'cause I messed up."

Do I need to send someone to DC to speak on my behalf?
I would need to pay them too. I would be creating jobs and helping the economy by doing that.
Do I need to contribute to politicos campaigns so I can get a bailout?
Give me some tax payer money, I will give it to the politicos, they will give me my bailout, and I can pay all the people I owe and keep people employed, businesses open, and the economy humming.

Am I being too idealistic? Unrealistic?

Well if the government can help the big guys, they should be able to help me. I won't cost them $700 billion. A couple million would do.

I want my bailout.

Let's go shopping!



A Black President Elect is in effect
Thanks to years of Black faces making us laugh, cry, dance, sing, think, feel, love
Top ticket/box office heroes: Will Smith, Micheal Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Oprah, Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou, etc. etc. etc.
the activists, the fighters, the writers
the daily faces and voices on the frequencies
so many to name, leaving a wide wake for yesterday to happen.

This country came to terms, to some degree.

Yet, here in California, and in other states, we oppressed and denied rights to our relatives who fall in love with the same sex.
We came far, but not far enough.


How long will the honeymoon last? How long will we keep knocking on doors to tell people what they should be doing to make this country better? Telling them how they should choose to live their life. Telling them to turn off the lights when they leave a room, don't take such long showers, buy organic, walk or ride a bike rather than drive, go bio diesel, bring their own bag to the market, avoid plastics, plant a tree, plant desert plants, do this, do that, stop this, try that, start this, choose this, give up this, take that.

We were so ready to hop on planes and buses to get a man into office, but will we keep doing the work? Is he really going to solve it all? Did he get into office on his own? Or do we still have to go knocking and calling people?

Hope is good, it is great in fact.

Personally I prefer Truth to know what the fight really looks like, so I voted proudly for Ralph Nader. Some say he is old and out of date, irrelevant even, a blowhard that uses shock to get attention, but he tells the truth with research to back himself, even if we don't know how to deal with the truth. Even if the truth will REALLY change the world into something we don't know and thus fear.

Real change is loaded with fear. Little changes are easy and painless and usually don't last very long. Real change is hard, scary and sometimes painful. In this stage of the game we need real change and that comes with a cup of real truth.

Nader said this about Obama. It is very rough but it is a question Obama is facing, not a statement or judgement. Will he really serve those who knocked on doors for him, or those corporations that have run Washington for so many years?

I wonder if Palin and her fans know there is even a book called "Uncle Tom's Cabin?"
FYI: The historic term Uncle Tom refers to a black man who is subservient to whites. In this case subservient to corporate power.

Nader @ 2:28: "I said, that's the question he has to answer. He can become a great President or he can become a toady for the corporate powers that have brought both parties to their knees against working people in this country. And have allowed our country to be high jacked by global corporations who have no allegiance to this country other than to ship its jobs and industries to fascist and communist dictators abroad who know how to keep their workers in their place. This is reality, not show business..."

We are expecting a great President from Obama.
I hope our expectations are met and we get real change.



Thursday night I hit "The Heist" at Florentine Gardens. I hadn't been there in about 13 years, since the days of "The Dome." It was trip to be there and see Kenny McKenzie, the owner and some of the bouncers from back then still at the door. I got there with Swedish Egil and Outer around 11:25 pm. We were meeting up with Paul Oakenfold, whom Egil has been working with on remixing classics from Oakey's collection. This night we were all there to hear David Delano drop his remix of "Don't Want To Hold You" by Bad Apples during his set. Joseph Wham (aka JC Dakota/Joseph Christopher) was there also checking out this huge night put together by Hyphe Crunk (Mark Rodriguez), DJ Score, Eric Neutron and The Spys. Later in the evening Richard Vission rolled in with LMFAO and DJ Syphe.

This is the hot spot to be. There are usually 1,100 peeps in the place on a Thursday night. Its been a while that the 18 & over scene has been into house music or techno, with these numbers and consistency, outside of the rave scene. Talking to peeps, Steve Aoki had a lot to do with this new generation feeling the vibe, and you can see it in the fashions, mix styles and attitudes in the heads that fill The Heist. Pure energy is what is there. Its quite refreshing after all these years of 21&over clubbing where peeps are busy buying drinks or smoking instead of dancing their tight jean asses off.

Friday night I did the Midnight Ridazz DISCORDIAN RIDE, as usual spokes and beats on the streets of LA fun.

Saturday night I went to Robotech in a warehouse in So. Central and caught a back to back set by DJ Dan and Ron D. Core on vinyl spinning classic techno. WOW. The numbers were a little low.
I'm guessing peeps are saving their money for all the huge upcoming Halloween parties like Monster Massive, or they all lost money on the stock market LOL.

Either way things are looking very healthy in the underground. But that always happens in times of economic downturns, loss of jobs and insecurity of the future. Escapism rules. It makes many more be creative, other peeps make babies, and some do a lot more drugs. Be cool foo'


Sum Summer's End pics

Ozomatli entering Hollywood Bowl

Grand Av. Fest. afro beat band with City Hall

Grand Av. w. Disney Hall looking ghostly

inside Disney Hall with Daka Hip Hop Orchestra

Drum Circle


Trying to catch up...

Its been whirlwind like in Pachucoville, the 3 D version, and have missed blogging, missed some important events, had some great moments and of course fun.

I miss blogging only in so far as writing. I like it. I know I am not the best, or even good by some standards, but it is a form of meditation for me. Carlos Castaneda wrote in one of his books about how we all need to recapitulate or remember our life day by day to see ourselves and understand how we interact with the world. This is to help us reach our highest potential. He recommended we do this in an enclosed space where our energy would not go out too far and outside energies could not swoop in on us and cause us harm in our open state. I don't know how this blogging affects my energy but so far, so good.

Last Friday I drove to work because we missed the late train. At 4:30 pm I got the first call letting me know about the Metrolink crash. It was followed by several text messages hoping I was OK. Thanks to my peeps for the love and care. I was not and would not have been on that train. We did lose a CSUN student and two staff members were banged up. Our department is raising money for her funeral costs.

Later that night we went salsa dancing. I felt a little weird about it because I really thought about what had happened, but at the same time we need to celebrate and enjoy the time we have.

The next day was a full schedule: Harry Gamboa Jr. was having an art opening at Patricia Correia; our last chance to catch Raul Campos at Moonshadows before the weather gets too cold to go to Malibu, and the Soul Rebel Radio fundraiser.

The best part of Saturday was getting to mix for 4 hours at home, something I haven't been able to do since the Featuring The Lights and Sounds show started. On another musical tip, another highlight, was that I took my djembe to the Soul Rebel Radio fundraiser and participated in the jam session which featured Will Dog of Ozomatli on bass. I played along for two hours and I didn't even feel it. It was so good.

Sunday we did breakfast with my parents at my new favorite spot Casa de Moles La Tia. They are in the old Tamales Lilliana's space on Chavez east of Ford. I kept my eye on them, but never saw a crowd in there so I figured it might not be that good. Then I read this post and Adrian of G727 wanted to go there after a meeting we had, and it was the BOMB! To be honest I went three times in one week!

-pictured is the chilaquiles plates and the enfrijoladas plate.


Puerto Rico trip

We got a hook up on tickets between the end of Summer Bridge and the beginning of the semester to go to Puerto Rico and Miami. Did some research with friends who had been to Puerto Rico since both R and I had never been there. I know Miami fairly well, so we didn't worry much about that.

Everything went very smoothly overall. Had a couple of moments of not knowing exactly what might happen, but luck and love always saved the day.

-First the taxi to the Flyaway didn't pick us up, despite making reservations 4 hours in advance. Went to the corner, called a number to Taxi Latino on a phone booth and two minutes later were on our way to Union Station. Que viva La Raza!
-Flights were smooth, hopped off in Miami and connected immediately instead of the scheduled 3 hour layover.
-Got to San Juan, Puerto Rico, went to our apartment, dinner, and checked out the Condado district. It is basically the West Hollywood and Bevery Hills of PR.
-Next day, R's B-day, we picked up our luggage at the airport and hit the beach. Great warm water, so fun.
-We had dinner in Old San Juan which looks like Cuba, or so I am told. Partied at El Batey and was introduced to Ron del Barrilitos, great local rum! We also got my Panama hat in local shoppe and sneaked into a tango lesson for a couple of spins around the patio/dancefloor before running off into the night.

-Next day we hit the Bacardi factory. Fact: 70% of all Bacardi is made in Puerto Rico
-Made plans to meet a friend of a friend to hit the town. Waiting for her, we popped into the Marriott and got some $$$ from roulette!
-She took us to her friend's gallery opening. The artsy crowds are the same where ever you go, just less tattoos and piercings than in L.A.
-Then we hit La Plaza, where the locals party it up in the streets and bars that reminded me of TJ and Rosarito smooshed together. Salsa-funk-tastic FUN!
(due to an error on R's behalf all the pics up to this point were erased. We are looking at software that might help us recover them)
-Next day we worried about if we would be flying to Culebra or driving around the main island all because of a storm front that delayed flights. Needless to say we ended up going to Culebra. Everyone we talked to said "You gotta see Culebra." It didn't dissapoint.

- As soon as we landed we rented a scooter and checked out Flamenco beach, then Shelbourne Beach on the opposite side of the island. You can get from one side to the other in 35 minutes. It is totally empty this time of year. These pics are at Shelbourne. It is a great place to snorkel!

- This is the view from our room at Mamacitas

-The next day it was all about the beach. This is at Flamenco Beach, the 'big beach ' on Culebra.

-The tank, courtesy of our US tax dollars rests or reminds or just rusts?

-We kicked it on Flamenco for about 1/2 an hour then rode the scooter to Zoni Beach, 45 min away. When we got there it was only us and about 4 other couples on a long stretch of white sand beach. Everyone stayed in their 200 yards of beach and didn't bother each other.

- This was a little rock cove we hung out at for a while

- We stayed almost 3 days in Culebra. Was definitely the highlight of the trip. Riding that tiny plane was an experience, I've never felt a plane fishtail until then.

- We stayed one more night in San Juan before leaving for 2 days in Miami. We got there just in time for 'Tropical Storm Fay.'

- This little fishy got beached

- We made the best of the wind, sporadic and heavy downpours.

Best of all we ate at my favorite Cuban Restaurant in South Beach, Miami, Puerto Sagua

It was a great trip overall.


Recently I was asked when Spanish music became cool for my pocho self. I grew up with little music in Spanish. I do remember liking certain boleros, but as a teen and young man / DJ music in spanish just wasn't cool. Then I heard these peeps:

Tijuana No!


Fun Baby,

Fat Boy Slim, David Byrne & Dizzee Rascal - ToeJam


keepin you tuned in on our DJ panels...

(Big Pachuco thanks to Kaulyque for his work in recording and posting images about these panels. Next week's panel is going to be really great one!! It is curated by Steve Beltran and he has invited: Martin Rodriguez, DJ Pebo, Henry Valdez and Carlos Mongalo. Go to g727.org and get on the email list to get all notices about panels and our upcoming launch party for the KCET "Anatomy of a Backyard Party" web story.)

Featuring the Lightz and Soundz of...: A 30-Year Survey of DJ Culture
in East LA

Panel Discussion #3 at Gallery 727:
"Breaking the Language Barrier: Mixing Music En Nuestra Lengua"

"An intimate conversation with DJs Raul Campos, Santi, & Sloepoke, who
expanded the breadth of musical genres and styles by incorporating
Latin alternative, dance classics and international pop and rock into
their repertoires. Each DJ has helped fuel the massive Latin
Alternative scene from their radio shows and clubs, and made Los
Angeles the center of international music in Spanish."

Follow link for audio and images:



Panel Discussion #2 at Gallery 727:


Gerard Meraz (Moderator)
Frank del Rio
Richard Vission

An intimate conversation with Frank Del Rio, and Richard Vission who helped shape the art of mixing and programming. Via their DJ booths, radio shows and productions these DJs refined the art of DJing.

Follow link for audio and images:


[NOTE: The gallery is a pretty boomy, echo-y space that is difficult
to record in, so you need to listen on headphones or really loud


Book Finally Available


"An Oral History of DJ Culture From
East Los Angeles"
by Gerard Meraz

Master's thesis that documents the history of East Los Angeles DJ culture by interviewing several prominent DJs that were active between 1980-2004. Published in conjunction w/ A 30 yr. survey of DJ Culture from East L.A. at G727 in dwntwn Los Angeles, through Sept. 2008
Order your copy TODAY at

*Enter search words:
"An Oral History of DJ Culture From
East Los Angeles"

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.


It hurts too much....

It hurts too much to think it, to even speak it. I tried the other day and all we could do was nod our heads and change topics. Fast.
It hurts too much to imagine. Chingao!

I learned about Chicano Secret Service there. I fell in love with art, very special women, colors, ideas, hopes, and scents. I tested myself. Grew. Fought with words and ideas. My heart was caressed and enriched in that place.

My daughter knows the routine. EVERY year we are there Nov. 2nd.

Another loss.

Pinche Catholic Church! Chingando for over 500 years our culture, art, homes, and lives. Pinche molesters need to pay for their legal fees for molesting our children, by raping us again and again.

Anger is good, sometimes. Duele un chingo.

Read it for yourself...


Community is Outraged that Catholic Archdiocese Secretly Sells Self Help Graphics & Arts Historic Building

Los Angeles, July 11, 2008 -- Over the last 24 hours elected officials, community leaders, artists and residents throughout Los Angeles expressed their outrage that the Los Angeles Catholic Archdiocese secretly sold the mosaic building that is home to Self Help Graphics & Art. After its founding by Catholic nun Sister Karen Boccalero more than 35 years ago, non-profit organization Self Help Graphics & Arts was notified that the Catholic Archdiocese sold the building to a private real estate and investment company. The organization had no knowledge of the sale or pending sale. Community leaders including Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina made it abundantly clear that the Archdiocese must explain its actions.

"We need answers," Supervisor Molina said. "The Archdiocese's blatant disrespect for the community is unacceptable. I commit to working with Self Help Graphics & Art to mobilize my elected official colleagues and other community leaders to demand that the archdiocese tell us why they mishandled this situation, and how they plan to correct it."

As long as the organization continued to fulfill the mission of advancing Chicano and Latino art and developing local and emerging artists, the Sisters of St. Francis, Mount Alverno agreed to allow Self Help Graphics & Art to use the building. With record-breaking print fairs, community festivals such as its iconic Dia de los Muertos celebration which draws thousands of attendees and artists, both emerging and veteran, flocking to the organization as a place to cultivate their art, Self Help has been undergoing a renaissance. Last Fall Self Help board members were told that the building was not on the list of sites to be sold as part of the Archdiocese's attempt to raise funds to pay the settlement to individuals who successfully sued the church for sexual abuse.

A spokesperson for the Sisters of St. Francis alleges that Self Help Graphics & Art failed to secure a grant to purchase the building, leading the sisters to transfer title to the archdiocese. They also allege that the organization was struggling financially.

"It is preposterous to believe that one attempt at a grant a year ago should signal the Sisters and Archdiocese to move forward with a sale with no notice whatsoever," said Self Help board of directors president Armando Duron. "Common human decency would have been to give us a deadline for purchase."

After closing its doors for three months in 2005, Self Help has experienced resurgence with the help of an untold number of volunteers and the support of the community at large. With no federal or state subsidies or major private grants, the organization has thrived in its array of programs and services to the community. Sales for prints from some of the nation's leading Latino artists and up-and-coming artists have been booming. The organization is considered by scholars and artists as one of the birthplaces of Chicano art.

"For nearly 40 years, Self-Help Graphics has been one of the major community-based arts centers serving Los Angeles . It has earned international recognition for its contributions to the graphic arts and for being a model of community-based art making and art-based community making. In the last three years, Self Help has reinvented itself as a self-sustaining organization, and it has shown the continued vitality and relevance of its mission by reaching new generations of artists and community members through innovative programs and cutting edge artistic production," said Chon Noriega, professor and director of the Chicano Studies Research Center at UCLA.

The terms of the sale from the new owner allow Self Help to remain in the building rent free until December 31, 2008.

Stephen Saiz, Self Help board vice president said the organization will be working with the community, elected officials, foundations, fellow arts institutions and other community leaders to determine the future for the organization.

"We have had a relationship with the Church for almost 40 years and expected them to value that relationship and more importantly, the service we provide to the community" Saiz said. "We are not going to allow their needs for funds to pay off their debts stop us from that service."

Self Help Graphics & Art is a nationally recognized center for Chicano and Latino arts that develops and nurtures artists and printmaking. Self Help Graphics & Art seeks to advance Chicano and Latino art broadly through programming, exhibitions and outreach to diverse audiences in East Los Angeles and beyond. Self Help Graphics & Art seeks to identify young and emerging artists from the community in all aspects of its activities.

Contact: Valarie De La Garza, 310/435-8578


From Sicklyseason

Pachucoville homeboy blogger, zine publisher, writer, artist, supa cool guy, Rubén Mendoza taped the first panel at G727. Check out his site Sicklyseason for pics and the panel's audio.



Lots in my head. The DJ project "Featuring the Lights and Sounds..." is doing great and picking up momentum as more people 'get' what we are doing. Next week we kick off our East LA DJ PM Panels, which will be panels of DJs and promoters that were a part of the past, present and future of the DJ scene from the Eastside. The opening night was muy cool.

Enjoyed the concerts I listed below. Sean Kuti was the best, such a great LA night full of color and funk; my homegirl Nina Lares jazzed it smooth in the Pasadena sun, got there in time to hear the house classic 'Days Like This' by Sean Escoffrey; of course Very Be Careful was the bomb, but dancing barefoot in the grass with my girl made it even more especial; The Hollywood Bowl always delivers a great show, Los Amigos Invisibles are my favorite live band. They play music like DJs would, non stop beats, breaks, samples of classics and back into a groove.

Hanging with bloggers at the monthly meeting has made me a little... ummm... more cautious of what I write, and I don't like it. When I started this I wasn't a big blog reader. I didn't know all the players and the rules. I just wanted to spit out my spew not caring or knowing if anyone was even going to read it. Sure I invite my friends to read, but since learning more about blogztlan I now know that I am muy revealing! Many bloggers work hard to keep their anonymity so they can say more, or so they don't say less. My homie R... oooopps Kualyque wrote this very cool blog about what he writes about and included some stuff about anonymity. It made me think more about what I write.

-Whine? YES I do. I need to let it out somehow/somewhere. Didn't Sienfeld make millions just whining?
-'Boo hoo' about my bike's flat tire? YES I did! It sucked!!! Although I saw the karmic connection and learned from it, I think.
-Tell you where to go get this or that? YES! But I don't tell all my secret spots, the lines are long enough.

One thing I know I can improve is having more pics. I don't have a camera other than the one in my phone. The ones above are copies from my girl's camera.

Here is a pic from my phone of what I ate today:

It's left overs from Dim Sum on Sunday morning. I won't tell you where I went, but it is peanut chicken, Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce, home made steamed rice (from last week) and some lime juice. Making my mouth water!

I added a new blog to my 'Sites to Visit' at the bottom of this, it's my homie's Raul Campos' blog. Pinche cool interview with Moby. Check it.

I'm sticking to sticking my neck out and saying what's in my head not caring what others may think. If that's not cool, well I guess I'm a nerd, but I can't be a nerd cuz nerds are now the cool kids and I can't be cool if I take a stand, can I?

Fuck it. It's my world. You are just visiting Pachucoville. You don't like it? Me vale. Sal te guey. Larrrrrgate.

As if...


Summer, summer, summer time, time, time...

It has begun. Besides the heat it's party time in the city.

Today Sean Kuti at Grand Performances and opening night at Hollywood Bowl.

Saturday 'World Music Something or Another Day...' (you didn't come here for accuracy did you?) has music bumpin on Olvera Street with Mex-reggae, rock and ska; Sun Ra (?) at the La Culebra Park; Pasadena has my homegirl doing jazz, and in hot ass San Fer's El Cariso Park we got a Tia Chucha's showcase with my favorites Very Be Careful and Chusma.

Sunday at 2pm the CheeChon Talk, I mean Cheech Marin and Chon Noriega talk at LACMA, should be fun and then Thievery Corp. with my other favorites Los Amigos Invisibles will have me dancing at Hollywood Bowl.

Cinespia has their cemetery movies, although none really are got to see, it's still cool to watch a movie on top of corpses.

Next Saturday the first mega Rave of the summer Electric Daisy Carnival takes over the L.A. Memorial Coliseum & Exposition Park. Many of the usual DJs, but headlining is the soon to be L.A. resident, former poster boy for NYC vegan Ravers: MOBY. Should be tons of fun in the sun.

Stay tuned, it has just begun...


Featuring the Lights and Sounds.... help

We need your help. From the owner of G727 and co-curator:

Hi Everyone:

We are days away from the opening of "Featuring the Lights and Sounds: A 30 year Survey of DJ Culture from East Los Angeles"

We have received a good amount of flyers and they have been placed in archival binders and some have begun to be uploaded onto our data base. We have also edited videos with testimonies and dance parties, like the CSO from 1987.

If you want your old flyers, pics and testimonies to be included please come by any night from this Wednesday on. We will be setting up all the way up to show time on Saturday night. Below is a list of items we NEED:

* 2-3 small color TV Moniters (12"-14" High) preferably WITHOUT any
VHS or DVD built-in components.

** Small Stereo Receivers for the viewing of Video Interviews or archival footage (We need to take an audio feed from the dvd player to the stereo receiver that will eventually be played on small
speakers/headsphones.... A regular house stereo receiver will work).

*** Two-Three truss stands for our 20 ft long dj lighting Truss (see
attached photo) We need them to be about 10 feet high. Worst comes to
worst we might have to make some. Does anyone have time to do some welding?

**** microphones and micstands / dj headphones with mike attached.

*****old lights from your light shows. They don't need to work but it would be cool if they did. Also any light controller that visitors can play with to trigger the lights.

Please be advised that we need these items until September but we
appreciate anything at this moment. We can use them for the opening night and you can get them back while we find others.

If you find some of these items can you please let me, Adrian Rivas, g727.adrian@gmail.com know right away to schedule a drop off time.

The DJ Exhibit is going to be open during the downtown LA artwalk event on Thursday 6/12 (12-9pm) if anyone is interested in spinning a 45 min set please let me
know. If you want to spin please be advise that my equipment is not
best but it does the trick. You can bring your own mixer or laptop thingy. We
have the sound equipment being setup. This is also a goodtime to see the
project before we get to the big party this Saturday.


Archival Folders are ready! We have temporarily setup the area for the
public to come by and drop off Flyers. We have enough folders to
receive pictures and other items like photos of your Promoter Crew or maybe a
picture of your old DJ Equipment Layout or light shows. Original photos
is not advised at this moment, please make either a color copy or output
photos on an 8 1/2" x 11 photo paper.

See you soon,



Come on gente...

I just read these two posts about Raza in Baldwin Park who are begging to look like every other strip mall 'hood outside the core. Based on this LA Times article it is a sad aspect of the assimilation process. Why do suburban Raza (and some core residents) equate corporate stores with "moving on up?"

The babosadas from the city officials is heartbreaking. Baldwin Park Mayor Manuel Lozano is quoted: "We want what Middle America has as well," said the second-generation Mexican American, recounting the meeting. "We like to go to nice places like Claim Jumpers, Chili's and Applebee's. . . . We don't want the fly-by-night business, the 'amigo store,' which they use to attract Latinos like myself."

WTF?!?!? Nice places? Maybe if you gave tax breaks and low interest loans to small existing businesses they could be the 'nice' you want.

Later in the article Anthony Bejarano, a Baldwin Park councilman identified as a Georgetown Law school graduate said, "I love to go to traditional Mexican restaurants. I shop at Vallarta [supermarket], but I can't get everything I need," he said. "At the end of the day, it's all Mexican restaurants here. When we want Italian, when we want sushi, where do we go? If I want a pair of Kenneth Coles, I have to go to Arcadia."

Boo hoo. "I can't get my Kenneth Coles or sushi." MAMON! Your ass chose to live in the boonies what do you expect? Use that Law degree to get better more diverse digs foo'.

The irony escapes these pendejos. Here in Boyle Heights, in Downtown LA, and what use to be Echo Park you have white Americans moving to these "ethnic" neighborhoods because of the "amigo" stores, because of the diversity, because they have a local panederia instead of a Starbucks. If these pendejos are trying to be like middle America, they are missing the point and out of step that middle America wants to be us. One day they will wake up next to their dye blonde family and realize that they had everything they needed but they chose to bury it under the same stucco mall that middle America tired of and did away with.

El Chavo breaks down these 'Lateeenos' mentalities best: "...while Americans are now more interested in leaving a “smaller carbon footprint” (uggh) they’re still trying to buy a Hummer. While Americans are exploring the benefits of “Edible Estates” (uggh, retch) they try to erase all evidence of that small milpa of corn their parents once grow in the front yard, now turned into a worthless patch of wasteful lawn. If anything, Latinos should be sharing the skills of getting by with less, being resourceful and getting creative with what you do have, rather than taking on the baggage of the culture of consumption."

Amen brother!

We are running out of resources and some fools still think they need to consume like the Jones'. Que babosos.

Yes we need healthier food options in the barrios and a Trader Joes offers that, but I still want my Big Buy with the veladoras and chicharones on the shelves. We don't need Starbucks high calorie frapa-cacas, Latinos are overweight as it is.

I welcome this much needed discussion. It is about values and what we think we need to live best by. Like the other bloggers I believe everything can co-exist. Bring in the good, the healthy, and what we can learn from, but keep out the dead, sterile and plain. Keep the funk, keep the low prices. As gas and everything else goes up we will soon all see how much we will need to know how to do with less.


Free mix for you...

Dear readers, here is a mix that I made today.

Click on the link, be one of the first 100 people to download it or do it within 7 days when it expires.


Enjoy it and let me know what you think.


Feelin' this

I read this is the song that Jim Morrison sang to Ray Manzarek on Venice beach that convinced him to start The Doors.

It reminds me of sharing beauty, magic and journeys. Of being open to possibilities un-thought of.

And that we are never really alone.


30 years of DJ Culture from the Eastside of Los Angeles

I have written a couple of pieces here about my involvement and history with DJ culture in Southern California. My academic focus has been on Chicano DJ culture focused on the Eastside of Los Angeles. Chicano scholars have not included DJ culture as part of our experience and DJ Culture/Rave Culture scholars have not included Chicano DJs in their investigations. This makes Chicano DJ culture a truly Chicano experience: ignored by both (our own scholars and outsider scholars), stuck in the middle between two worlds, not factored in. 

This project I am working on with G727 is taking form everyday. We have been holding meetings and gathering friends and participants to make this happen. In researching our experience I have learned that we need to include as many voices as possible. We are not Chicago who has Frankie Knuckles, nor are we New York with a Larry Levan. Detroit's history looks at the Bellevue Three. Here in L.A. we need to look at the hundreds of thousands. There are many factors that lead to the LA experience being different to the East coast. 

We have better weather so we have outdoor parties 10 out of 12 months, in East Los a lot of us had large backyards to host massive parties, we are a car culture so we all could have mobile systems that we could easily transport and we could get to more parties in one night. The list goes on. 
Anyhow, please support our first fundraiser at Eastside Luv next Thurs.
This is what I've been sending out to all my 'social networks':

Based on my Master's thesis "An Oral History of DJ Culture from East Los Angeles,"  I am working with G727 on building a living collaborative archive. All DJs, promoters and dancers who were a part of or were inspired by Chicano DJ culture based on the Eastside are welcome to bring their flyers, memories and music to this project. We are having a few fundraisers for out supplies, please come out and support or send us a check. 


To be or thought they'd be...

Lately I've been running across a similar question. It started with the LACMA "Phantom Sightings" discussions and today popped on my screen here.

It has to do with calling people Chicano or Latino or Raza whether or not they self identify with any of those terms.

For example:
-Artist 'A' is in an art show percieved to be a Chicano art show, yet artist 'A' doesnt' identify himself as a Chicano.

-Actor 'A' has a last name that is Latino, and they look Latino, despite the constant hair dye to look blonde. Some folks want her to call herself Latino. She doesn't.

-Artist 'B' looks Chicano, grew up in a Chicano neighborhood, talks like a Chicano, does art that reflects Chicano icons and roots, but he doesn't want his art to be called Chicano art.

-Actor 'B' was born in Spain or France, has a 'typical' Latino last name and wants to be called Latino to make himself more marketable to the US Latino movie-going hoardes. Some agree he is Latino, others say he's European.

The questions are:
Why do we need to call people out to claim Chicano or Latino if they don't want to? Do we need them on our side so badly?
Is it because they are 'successful' or in the spotlight that we want them to represent us? Even though they don't want to represent us?
Isn't claiming who you are and what you want to be identified as a basic right? Is this the basis of Self Determination?


Happy Anniversary

I got to my apartment in Northridge after a day of learning.
The news was all about the verdict. I felt it in my bones, made my self a sandwich. By the time I was done Reginald Denny was being beat in the streets.

Called home and mom said the cops were all flying down Main St. they could see smoke down south. "Don't worry, it's far away. When I went through the Watts Riots, they were closer."

Called the homies who were going to CSUN. Some had already left back home to L.A.
Got a call from M.E.Ch.A. We were having a meeting with the BSU about what was happening.

Professors and students were mostly calling for peace and patience. One of my boys stood up and yelled "This is what we've been waiting for!!! Let's go take it back!!! Who is with me??" A few other heads stood up and began walking away.

At the dorms we were getting calls that peeps were coming back with lots of beer and booze. The party would start soon. At Club D, my homeboys apartment we got a new TV, couch and more booze and beer.

Some came back saying my neighbor nearly shot them. He was driving around in his black Camero pointing his gun at people on the streets. He thought it was a time to shoot Blacks and Mexicans again. We cheered as the cop car was flipped upside down.

We called around and learned about the borders. You can't get near USC, there is a perimeter with National Guard protecting it. You can't go West of Western. We learned who is protected and served.

When I drove home, I took the 5 south and got off in Boyle Hts. I wanted to see if La Raza had snapped and burned their neighborhood down. I smiled when all was at peace and in one place along Brooklyn and First St.

My folks were bar-b-queing with the neighbors, something they rarely did. All were cool. They had their guns nearby, just in case someone from outside came up and started snapping. We had a good time.

Nothing changed other than having more corporate owned retail and less independent retail. Some think that is progress.

It's going to be hotter this summer. Cops are being acquitted across the nation. More people are out of jobs, losing homes, paying out the nose at the pumps, and fear is a natural state of being since 9/11. Everything seems lined up.

I hope Olmos has his broom ready.
For another view of the anniversary visit Militant Angeleno


Chicano Hero

"A Chicano is Mexican-American with a non-Anglo image of himself."

"This idea of white is best needs to end."

- Ruben Salazar

Rosado-rito Bike Ride

The 29th annual Rosarito to Ensenda Bike Ride was everything we had hoped for.
We left Friday morning around 11:30 to avoid the morning traffic. It was perfect weather and no traffic. The only thing that sucked was that the night before my homeboy 'The Noodle" got one of his CDs stuck in my player so we had to listen to the radio, after we both made CDs just for this trip.

We crossed the border without any problems and made it to our rented house in Brisas Del Mar, 5 min north of Rosarito around 3ish. The place was very nice and clean, with an awesome top floor open patio with a bar-b-que. We unloaded and hopped back in the G-Enterprise and went for lobster at Puerto Nuevo.

After a great meal we walked around a lil bit and headed back.
We stopped at a Calimax market to load up on supplies. Havana Club Rum, Mexican Coke, limones (for Cuba Libres), some wine coolers, ice, salsa, tortillas, charcoal (I brought some carne asada and chicken from home that was marinating), and other necessities. We settled in, watched the "Good Shepard," and went to sleep early.

Got up at 7am and started getting the bikes ready. Checking tire pressures, putting the appropriate stickers on bikes and helmets. Put on sunscreen and headed out. We needed to meet up with her friend and boyfriend near the start of the race, but we also needed to find parking and find breakfast.

We found a parking spot two blocks from the starting point in front of a bank. Being that it was Saturday, no one could complain about taking the bank's parking spots all day. Right next to the bank was restaurant with great scents of fresh food wafting into the street. After a hearty breakfast of gorditas, chile verde, chile rojo with rice and beans, great coffee and homemade tortillas we unloaded the bikes and poof there was her friend with her boyfriend. All was falling into place, effortlessly.

The ride started right at 10 am. Immediately the girls fell behind. We had agreed to gather up at all the checkpoints if we separated. The weather was cool and overcast. This first half of the ride stayed along the coast. We rode to the 'Half-Way House' which really isn't the half way point. We all met up there. I had a beer and R had a margarita. They really helped.

The rest of the ride was beautiful and hard at times going up long hills. It was definately fun and inspiring to see all types of people riding. The views were beautiful. We would split up and ride together, finding each other at the various water stations. We finished in almost 4 hours.

At the end we ate everything in sight! Tacos de pescado, asada, a hot dog, empanadas, corn in a cup, churros and fresh orange juice. We hopped on the shuttle and made it to home base by 6pm because we had a flat on the shuttle. That night we just chilled with Cuba Libres and "V" and crashed.

The next morn I got up and began the bar-b-que. Mmmm it was so good.

I highly recommend this ride to anyone of any skill level on a bike. You can do it and being down south by the beach just adds to a great experience.