Punk Rock G

Being a child in the 80's allowed me to experience some of the craziest music. Synthesizers and punk rock changed the sonic landscape pissing off the old guard and cutting a new sonic trail.

Yes I started with the pop Flock of Seagulls, Devo, Blondie, but eventually got into GBH, FEAR, Sin 34, and other punk groups of the era and area.

I would often go to the shows at the Olympic auditorium where you heard line ups like: The Exploited, Dead Kennedy's, The Addicts, X, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more.

I would roll with my cousin Steven and our friend David. We would sometimes put egg whites in our hair to make it stand up. I wore a dog chain around my neck. Trench coats if the weather wasn't too hot.

My dad was cool and would drop us off and pick us up. Sometimes he would go before the show ended and would sneak in. We would be waiting by the car and wondering where he was. He would come back and laugh at us saying we sure knew how to have a good time.

Many girls would often go in fishnet or topless and wear black electrical tape to cover nipples. They would ride on top of boyfriend's shoulders and scream and spit on people who stared too long. There were often at least three slam pits. The major one in the center where it was really crazy and people doing stage dives would often land on you. And one on each side of the stage where the younger kids like me could practice and not get too hurt and bruised. Punks cared, somewhat. I remember falling down and getting picked up by big dudes, who would ask if I was good, then throw me back in it. I only felt scared once when at a GBH and FEAR concert the lights went completly out during FEAR's opening number and they kept playing even louder. Lee Ving screaming "FUCK YOUUUUUU" for three minutes. You could just feel the fear and engery shoot through the place, and the pits got crazier. I jumped into the seats and tried to keep an eye on anyone coming at me.

The rockeros weren't welcome. Any long hair was not welcome. They would come three or four in a group. They would get beat in the pit. Usually they ended up watching the show from the seats where they were relatively safe. That was punk rock in LA.

To be honest I never made it to the Vex. Steven and David went and said it was very controlled and artsy. We liked it wild and a little dangerous. We loved it if our clothes got torn. Not if people liked what we were wearing. We liked the places that let you wear you spikes, but that eventually got banned from all places, too much blood.

I got my pants, belt, straps and t-shirt in the pic above at a place called Poseur on Melrose. We would ditch and make our way over their on the #10. Eventually we would end up at the Beverly Center and get free food and movies because David's sister worked on the top floor food court. She was fine so she got whatever she wanted, even if it was for her brother and his punk friend.

Good times.


Those who...

Those who know, don't say (or can't)
Those who say, don't know.
- Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

On vacation, trying to input final grades but my online grade book is giving me problems. Hopefully it will be resolved by the end of the day.

Been laying low online, at least in blogotitlan, because I don't have much to say. I guess my brain has shut down, probably like my student's once that last paper is submitted and it is in the hands of fate. Of course there is always a lot to talk about and share, but nothing seems to compel me to sit here and write.

Compel. I like that word in context ; )

The good kind of context. Like I'm compelled to write right now about how I don't have anything to write. Maybe it's to shake the brain cells and get them to write about something good?

Oh here is a good one, I was taken to what I think is the best Thai restaurant I've ever been to, and I've had a lot of Thai, Daisy Mint in Pasadena. From there I went on a nice walk through Cal Tech and found out that Jackson Katz was going to be there the following Tuesday. That meant another meal at Daisy Mint and another walk onto Cal Tech. Cal Tech is so beautiful. I love that place. I want to bring Katz to CSUN next semester as well as organize a panel on Latinos in the new era of media.

Ah Malcolm X's b-day is today. Who doesn't love Malcolm X?

Yes the parties are always there for me. Last Sunday Marques Wyatt rocked his DEEP like only he can. Tonight is Richard's B-day party at Ecco, which will like always be huge (Will I Am DJing?); Saturday Raul Campos and Tony Largo welcome Tony Powell to Flow; Doc Martin is doing the Doc Martin thing which is always tops w/ Luke Solomon; Sunday of a Memorial Day weekend in LA is always special and this time we got The Heist (the biggest 18+ party) teaming up with Solmatic Records (21+ party pros) for a big shingdig at the legendary Florentine Gardens AND right next door DEEP has the Shelter's Timmy Regisford in the main room and Paul T. and Harvey in the side room. Haven't heard Paul and Harvey in a minute and let me tell you those vatos got records that will make you go 'dannnnng that is good stuff.' And of course the random party or bar b que that pops up is always welcomed and appreciated. ooops I forgot about the pool side parties that are lining up too!

So I guess when I don't have anything to write about I can always write about what my friends are doing and invite you. See you on the dancefloor...


I Got My U2 tix today...

My homegirl La Bruja Mafufa was kind enough to pick up a pair for me when the pre sale were released.
This is one of my favorite videos and songs. I hope they perform this at the Rose Bowl this October.

A song of reflection and redemption...just wandering/wondering

"The Wanderer" by U2 and Johnny Cash, when I first heard it I replayed it at least 3 times.

This is from the Tao Te Ching on Wandering:

What is the difference between assent and denial?
What is the difference between beautiful and ugly?
What is the difference between fearsome and afraid?

The people are merry as if at a magnificent party
Or playing in the park at springtime,
But I am tranquil and wandering,
Like a newborn before it learns to smile,
Alone, with no true home.

The people have enough and to spare,
Where I have nothing,
And my heart is foolish,
Muddled and cloudy.

The people are bright and certain,
Where I am dim and confused;
The people are clever and wise,
Where I am dull and ignorant;
Aimless as a wave drifting over the sea,
Attached to nothing.

The people are busy with purpose,
Where I am impractical and rough;
I do not share the peoples' cares
But I am fed at nature's breast.