Rosado-rito Bike Ride

The 29th annual Rosarito to Ensenda Bike Ride was everything we had hoped for.
We left Friday morning around 11:30 to avoid the morning traffic. It was perfect weather and no traffic. The only thing that sucked was that the night before my homeboy 'The Noodle" got one of his CDs stuck in my player so we had to listen to the radio, after we both made CDs just for this trip.

We crossed the border without any problems and made it to our rented house in Brisas Del Mar, 5 min north of Rosarito around 3ish. The place was very nice and clean, with an awesome top floor open patio with a bar-b-que. We unloaded and hopped back in the G-Enterprise and went for lobster at Puerto Nuevo.

After a great meal we walked around a lil bit and headed back.
We stopped at a Calimax market to load up on supplies. Havana Club Rum, Mexican Coke, limones (for Cuba Libres), some wine coolers, ice, salsa, tortillas, charcoal (I brought some carne asada and chicken from home that was marinating), and other necessities. We settled in, watched the "Good Shepard," and went to sleep early.

Got up at 7am and started getting the bikes ready. Checking tire pressures, putting the appropriate stickers on bikes and helmets. Put on sunscreen and headed out. We needed to meet up with her friend and boyfriend near the start of the race, but we also needed to find parking and find breakfast.

We found a parking spot two blocks from the starting point in front of a bank. Being that it was Saturday, no one could complain about taking the bank's parking spots all day. Right next to the bank was restaurant with great scents of fresh food wafting into the street. After a hearty breakfast of gorditas, chile verde, chile rojo with rice and beans, great coffee and homemade tortillas we unloaded the bikes and poof there was her friend with her boyfriend. All was falling into place, effortlessly.

The ride started right at 10 am. Immediately the girls fell behind. We had agreed to gather up at all the checkpoints if we separated. The weather was cool and overcast. This first half of the ride stayed along the coast. We rode to the 'Half-Way House' which really isn't the half way point. We all met up there. I had a beer and R had a margarita. They really helped.

The rest of the ride was beautiful and hard at times going up long hills. It was definately fun and inspiring to see all types of people riding. The views were beautiful. We would split up and ride together, finding each other at the various water stations. We finished in almost 4 hours.

At the end we ate everything in sight! Tacos de pescado, asada, a hot dog, empanadas, corn in a cup, churros and fresh orange juice. We hopped on the shuttle and made it to home base by 6pm because we had a flat on the shuttle. That night we just chilled with Cuba Libres and "V" and crashed.

The next morn I got up and began the bar-b-que. Mmmm it was so good.

I highly recommend this ride to anyone of any skill level on a bike. You can do it and being down south by the beach just adds to a great experience.


Lorena said...

que buena honda hombre, se nota que gozaron :)

la rebelde said...

that sounds amazing. makes me want to go out a learn how to ride a bike!

tacosam said...

Great photos. Looks like you did more eating than riding! That lobster feast looks great. Good thing you were not in TJ this past weekend for the massacre. Its getting rough in Baja.

Pearmama said...

That sounds like a wonderful weekend. Wow. My family has been going camping there for over 30 years...this is the first year we won't go because of the unrest. It's just too much of a threat when I am with my family. But I will definitely miss it.

That lobster--woo boy--made me salivate! LOL

Doña Junta♥ said...

I always wanted to do that bike run thanks for sharing!