Thursday night I hit "The Heist" at Florentine Gardens. I hadn't been there in about 13 years, since the days of "The Dome." It was trip to be there and see Kenny McKenzie, the owner and some of the bouncers from back then still at the door. I got there with Swedish Egil and Outer around 11:25 pm. We were meeting up with Paul Oakenfold, whom Egil has been working with on remixing classics from Oakey's collection. This night we were all there to hear David Delano drop his remix of "Don't Want To Hold You" by Bad Apples during his set. Joseph Wham (aka JC Dakota/Joseph Christopher) was there also checking out this huge night put together by Hyphe Crunk (Mark Rodriguez), DJ Score, Eric Neutron and The Spys. Later in the evening Richard Vission rolled in with LMFAO and DJ Syphe.

This is the hot spot to be. There are usually 1,100 peeps in the place on a Thursday night. Its been a while that the 18 & over scene has been into house music or techno, with these numbers and consistency, outside of the rave scene. Talking to peeps, Steve Aoki had a lot to do with this new generation feeling the vibe, and you can see it in the fashions, mix styles and attitudes in the heads that fill The Heist. Pure energy is what is there. Its quite refreshing after all these years of 21&over clubbing where peeps are busy buying drinks or smoking instead of dancing their tight jean asses off.

Friday night I did the Midnight Ridazz DISCORDIAN RIDE, as usual spokes and beats on the streets of LA fun.

Saturday night I went to Robotech in a warehouse in So. Central and caught a back to back set by DJ Dan and Ron D. Core on vinyl spinning classic techno. WOW. The numbers were a little low.
I'm guessing peeps are saving their money for all the huge upcoming Halloween parties like Monster Massive, or they all lost money on the stock market LOL.

Either way things are looking very healthy in the underground. But that always happens in times of economic downturns, loss of jobs and insecurity of the future. Escapism rules. It makes many more be creative, other peeps make babies, and some do a lot more drugs. Be cool foo'

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