I want my bailout...

I want to buy myself a big ole TV
Travel with my gf and mi hija
Buy my mom and dad a house
Fix the building I live in
Pay artists to paint my walls
Feed some family-less peeps
Get me a new PS2 and an Xbox too
New shoes and clothes would be nice
Fix and detail my car
Heck, sell it and get a hybrid
Get wall to wall carpet
Solar panels on the roof
Double pane windows
Some tix to see G. Lopez
Native desert plants around the house
Some new CDJs and Technics would be great
Dodger and Laker tickets
Donate to Self Help Graphics and KPFK
Buy some Chicano/a art

Charge it all, and say "ooops I messed up, I over spent, can I get a bailout? I need one 'cause I have to pay my artists, my mechanic, the stores I owe, the workers I hired, the bills I owe, or people will be out of work! I need to pay my debts with your help Uncle Sam 'cause I messed up."

Do I need to send someone to DC to speak on my behalf?
I would need to pay them too. I would be creating jobs and helping the economy by doing that.
Do I need to contribute to politicos campaigns so I can get a bailout?
Give me some tax payer money, I will give it to the politicos, they will give me my bailout, and I can pay all the people I owe and keep people employed, businesses open, and the economy humming.

Am I being too idealistic? Unrealistic?

Well if the government can help the big guys, they should be able to help me. I won't cost them $700 billion. A couple million would do.

I want my bailout.

Let's go shopping!

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