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(Big Pachuco thanks to Kaulyque for his work in recording and posting images about these panels. Next week's panel is going to be really great one!! It is curated by Steve Beltran and he has invited: Martin Rodriguez, DJ Pebo, Henry Valdez and Carlos Mongalo. Go to g727.org and get on the email list to get all notices about panels and our upcoming launch party for the KCET "Anatomy of a Backyard Party" web story.)

Featuring the Lightz and Soundz of...: A 30-Year Survey of DJ Culture
in East LA

Panel Discussion #3 at Gallery 727:
"Breaking the Language Barrier: Mixing Music En Nuestra Lengua"

"An intimate conversation with DJs Raul Campos, Santi, & Sloepoke, who
expanded the breadth of musical genres and styles by incorporating
Latin alternative, dance classics and international pop and rock into
their repertoires. Each DJ has helped fuel the massive Latin
Alternative scene from their radio shows and clubs, and made Los
Angeles the center of international music in Spanish."

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Panel Discussion #2 at Gallery 727:


Gerard Meraz (Moderator)
Frank del Rio
Richard Vission

An intimate conversation with Frank Del Rio, and Richard Vission who helped shape the art of mixing and programming. Via their DJ booths, radio shows and productions these DJs refined the art of DJing.

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[NOTE: The gallery is a pretty boomy, echo-y space that is difficult
to record in, so you need to listen on headphones or really loud

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Miguel said...

I just heard the MP3s you have posted. Those talks took me back in space and time to many a backyard I have known.

Thanks for sharing the talks. They document our youth and our history.

Whoo Whoo