A Black President Elect is in effect
Thanks to years of Black faces making us laugh, cry, dance, sing, think, feel, love
Top ticket/box office heroes: Will Smith, Micheal Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Oprah, Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou, etc. etc. etc.
the activists, the fighters, the writers
the daily faces and voices on the frequencies
so many to name, leaving a wide wake for yesterday to happen.

This country came to terms, to some degree.

Yet, here in California, and in other states, we oppressed and denied rights to our relatives who fall in love with the same sex.
We came far, but not far enough.


How long will the honeymoon last? How long will we keep knocking on doors to tell people what they should be doing to make this country better? Telling them how they should choose to live their life. Telling them to turn off the lights when they leave a room, don't take such long showers, buy organic, walk or ride a bike rather than drive, go bio diesel, bring their own bag to the market, avoid plastics, plant a tree, plant desert plants, do this, do that, stop this, try that, start this, choose this, give up this, take that.

We were so ready to hop on planes and buses to get a man into office, but will we keep doing the work? Is he really going to solve it all? Did he get into office on his own? Or do we still have to go knocking and calling people?

Hope is good, it is great in fact.

Personally I prefer Truth to know what the fight really looks like, so I voted proudly for Ralph Nader. Some say he is old and out of date, irrelevant even, a blowhard that uses shock to get attention, but he tells the truth with research to back himself, even if we don't know how to deal with the truth. Even if the truth will REALLY change the world into something we don't know and thus fear.

Real change is loaded with fear. Little changes are easy and painless and usually don't last very long. Real change is hard, scary and sometimes painful. In this stage of the game we need real change and that comes with a cup of real truth.

Nader said this about Obama. It is very rough but it is a question Obama is facing, not a statement or judgement. Will he really serve those who knocked on doors for him, or those corporations that have run Washington for so many years?

I wonder if Palin and her fans know there is even a book called "Uncle Tom's Cabin?"
FYI: The historic term Uncle Tom refers to a black man who is subservient to whites. In this case subservient to corporate power.

Nader @ 2:28: "I said, that's the question he has to answer. He can become a great President or he can become a toady for the corporate powers that have brought both parties to their knees against working people in this country. And have allowed our country to be high jacked by global corporations who have no allegiance to this country other than to ship its jobs and industries to fascist and communist dictators abroad who know how to keep their workers in their place. This is reality, not show business..."

We are expecting a great President from Obama.
I hope our expectations are met and we get real change.


Wendy Carrillo said...

i understand his comment on a critical academic level, but maybe not the best day to come out with something like that. sure, nader is all about harsh truth and accountability, but just wrong timing to say something like that. in politics, and in media, its all about timing. he should know that very basic rule. He got 1% of voters. dont you feel speacial to be a part of that pachuco? ;)

Pachuco 3000 said...

LOL I always feel especial.

Timing shmiming, when would be the right time?
NOW as always.