Happy Anniversary

I got to my apartment in Northridge after a day of learning.
The news was all about the verdict. I felt it in my bones, made my self a sandwich. By the time I was done Reginald Denny was being beat in the streets.

Called home and mom said the cops were all flying down Main St. they could see smoke down south. "Don't worry, it's far away. When I went through the Watts Riots, they were closer."

Called the homies who were going to CSUN. Some had already left back home to L.A.
Got a call from M.E.Ch.A. We were having a meeting with the BSU about what was happening.

Professors and students were mostly calling for peace and patience. One of my boys stood up and yelled "This is what we've been waiting for!!! Let's go take it back!!! Who is with me??" A few other heads stood up and began walking away.

At the dorms we were getting calls that peeps were coming back with lots of beer and booze. The party would start soon. At Club D, my homeboys apartment we got a new TV, couch and more booze and beer.

Some came back saying my neighbor nearly shot them. He was driving around in his black Camero pointing his gun at people on the streets. He thought it was a time to shoot Blacks and Mexicans again. We cheered as the cop car was flipped upside down.

We called around and learned about the borders. You can't get near USC, there is a perimeter with National Guard protecting it. You can't go West of Western. We learned who is protected and served.

When I drove home, I took the 5 south and got off in Boyle Hts. I wanted to see if La Raza had snapped and burned their neighborhood down. I smiled when all was at peace and in one place along Brooklyn and First St.

My folks were bar-b-queing with the neighbors, something they rarely did. All were cool. They had their guns nearby, just in case someone from outside came up and started snapping. We had a good time.

Nothing changed other than having more corporate owned retail and less independent retail. Some think that is progress.

It's going to be hotter this summer. Cops are being acquitted across the nation. More people are out of jobs, losing homes, paying out the nose at the pumps, and fear is a natural state of being since 9/11. Everything seems lined up.

I hope Olmos has his broom ready.
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Wendy Carrillo said...

wow. I was 12 years old when this happened. My teacher made us do get well soon cards for reginald denny. i felt really bad for him... East LA was a calm neighborhood those days....

Anonymous said...

I worked at the Community Coalition for Substance Abuse in South Central LA, or what they now call South LA. This organization was founded after the riots in 92 and one of their biggest accomplishments was their impact in decreasing corner store liquor stores. As we all know, liquor stores in the ghetto increase alcoholism, drug use, and prostitution. I will always remember the RIOTS as a motivation for community members to change the bad influences in their community, in particular liquor stores. It may not seem like a progression, but when it comes down to environmental factors and thier links to bad health behaviors, it is a big progression.

cindylu said...

I just remember talking about looting with a kid from the one black family on my block. I watched the news too, but it felt so far away. All those names of streets (Normandie, Vermont) felt so foreign. I was 12 years old too.

Anonymous said...

wow! such deep 'insight'! it must hurt to be this stupid.

Olmos! WTF?

Everything seems lined up for what? Your dumb ass spouting more piffle?