Horchata vs. Tamarindo, who drinks what?

The other day at La Parilla in BH, Y ordered her usual tamarindo and I my usual horchata.
As she left me to wash her hands I had an epiphany as I sneaked a sip of her drink. It was so sweet! Too sweet in fact.
In my head I flashbacked to all the times I have ordered horchata as other friends ordered tamarindo. As I ran in my head through all those moments I realized that my fellow US born pocho pals usually ordered horchata (or jaimaica) while my non- US born pals usually order tamarindo.
Is this true?

So please answer me this you Pachucoville cruisers: DO US born Chicano/as prefer Horchata to Tamarindo and non US born Chicanoa/s prefer Tamarindo to Horchata.

And why?


La Buena Vida...

Maybe it is the remaining shards of Catholic guilt that have me feeling a lil guilty for having it so good these days.
Then the other lil voice says "you manifested this, the universe provides."
Then the other lil voice says, "well you know, after the good comes the bad, enjoy it now."
And finally the last of my schizophrenia based vocies chimes in with "Only a person with lil imagination lives within their means, and homes you got an imagination!"

Its been one non stop party since last week.

Friday we wrapped up Summer Bridge with few tears but lots of love and hope. Had a beer with the other profs after we sent the kids home. Got hm, got the Q and dug into two days of Wii.
By Saturday I was almost pro level in tennis and boxing. Q wants to train more and then go toe to toe again.

Sunday I hosted a lil party on the Queen Mary for my radio show. Y and I got there about 1:30pm, got our room, met with the sound peeps, and Nina, one of our good friends and performers. Y and I ran off to pick up supplies for our room and a day's length of partying. Got back in time to drop my set and run the system for Nina. After that. Party time. I took most of my DJs down to the room, set them up and got them on the decks on time. Pics and vids at here, here
and there. Beautiful people, great music, all love for the radio show, great friends, absolutely dope! That night crashed in the room and was visited by various sounds, feelings and scares, that place is freaking haunted!!!
(We'll be having another party on 9/16 come out if you think you can handle)

Monday, I woke up stiff. My back was all messed up. Either way made it to the famous El Rodeo and then had day one of luxurious lounging. Picked up "Reno 911" and some Thai film that was long and dissapointing.

Tuesday: Ragin Waters. The hottest day of the week and I'm at a water park. What? Don't hate.

Wednesday: Pretty much chilled out with good peeps, and more good music all day, into the night, in different spaces.
It's called vacation.

Thursday: Glen Ivy Hot Springs for Y's b-day!!!! WOW. We took an ice chest full of great munchies. Met up with some great friends. Word of the day: MUD. ahhhh. Later came home to dig into more munchies and homie MP brought by the Baskin Robbins Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake.

Today: hey, I hope you are feeling it like I'm feeling it.

Yes shit is bad around the world, in the back yard even, but you need to appreciate the days with the great friends you are given.
Thanks! All love.


Summer Bridge '07

This is what has kept me from writing in my blog.

It is the Education Opportuniy Program Summer Bridge where we bring in 120 students who are first generation college studets, are members of an underepresented group or something like that.

I got a great group of 27 students. They all commute here everyday, some as far as Watts, getting up at 4 am in those cases to hop on buses & trains to get here by 8:30am. I've had very little absences and few tardies. This alone is impressive for students who had just been in high school hearing bells and dodging tardy cops.

Tommorrow is the last day of the program. Today was their final exam, pot luck and we watched "Idiocracy" by Mike Judge.

I will have them in the Fall semester which starts in about two weeks.

These 6 weeks were all warm up to being a college student. They just had one professor, all day in one room, one tutor per room, computer labs open just for them, they were fed every week after watching a film and discussing it, and sometimes they got more food on Wednesdays after pitching in $2 to learn about collective shopping. They basically had the campus to themselves. What happens to them after the first week of seeing the other 35,000 students will be the real test if their little community will keep together. I hope so.

They are all very bright and hopeful. They want to help each other succeed. I really hope they live this the next 4-6 yrs some may be here.