Featuring the Lights and Sounds.... help

We need your help. From the owner of G727 and co-curator:

Hi Everyone:

We are days away from the opening of "Featuring the Lights and Sounds: A 30 year Survey of DJ Culture from East Los Angeles"

We have received a good amount of flyers and they have been placed in archival binders and some have begun to be uploaded onto our data base. We have also edited videos with testimonies and dance parties, like the CSO from 1987.

If you want your old flyers, pics and testimonies to be included please come by any night from this Wednesday on. We will be setting up all the way up to show time on Saturday night. Below is a list of items we NEED:

* 2-3 small color TV Moniters (12"-14" High) preferably WITHOUT any
VHS or DVD built-in components.

** Small Stereo Receivers for the viewing of Video Interviews or archival footage (We need to take an audio feed from the dvd player to the stereo receiver that will eventually be played on small
speakers/headsphones.... A regular house stereo receiver will work).

*** Two-Three truss stands for our 20 ft long dj lighting Truss (see
attached photo) We need them to be about 10 feet high. Worst comes to
worst we might have to make some. Does anyone have time to do some welding?

**** microphones and micstands / dj headphones with mike attached.

*****old lights from your light shows. They don't need to work but it would be cool if they did. Also any light controller that visitors can play with to trigger the lights.

Please be advised that we need these items until September but we
appreciate anything at this moment. We can use them for the opening night and you can get them back while we find others.

If you find some of these items can you please let me, Adrian Rivas, g727.adrian@gmail.com know right away to schedule a drop off time.

The DJ Exhibit is going to be open during the downtown LA artwalk event on Thursday 6/12 (12-9pm) if anyone is interested in spinning a 45 min set please let me
know. If you want to spin please be advise that my equipment is not
best but it does the trick. You can bring your own mixer or laptop thingy. We
have the sound equipment being setup. This is also a goodtime to see the
project before we get to the big party this Saturday.


Archival Folders are ready! We have temporarily setup the area for the
public to come by and drop off Flyers. We have enough folders to
receive pictures and other items like photos of your Promoter Crew or maybe a
picture of your old DJ Equipment Layout or light shows. Original photos
is not advised at this moment, please make either a color copy or output
photos on an 8 1/2" x 11 photo paper.

See you soon,


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