20 years!?!?!?

This past Wednesday morning I thought I woke up to a nightmare. My clock radio is tuned to KPFK 90.7FM so Amy Goodman's voice brings me out of my sleep at 6:15 am on my work days. I heard a man's voice saying, "This notion that we’ll have water forever is wrong. California is running out. It’s got twenty-some years of water. New Mexico has got ten, although they’re building golf courses as fast as they can, so maybe they can whittle that down to five." I said "WHAT!?!? 20 years of water and then that's it!" Soon another voice came on, "Scientists, through decades of study and millions and millions of pieces of data, now recognize the fact that we’re on the brink of the sixth great mass extinction ever to be experienced on the face of the earth. The fifth mass extinction was the dinosaur age."



The big kiss good bye.

I remembered how 5 years ago I heard Rigoberta Menchu speak about how the oil wars were nothing compared to the upcoming water wars. She described how in Latin America companies were already privatizing water.

Back on "Democracy Now with Amy Goodman" and guests, the discussion went to how General Electric and other corporations are developing water reuse and recyling technology which is a very bad thing: "It’s the fastest-growing part of the water industry. And this is the cleanup of dirty water.
And my concern—and the more research I did on this, the more concerned I got—was that this government, in particular, the United States, but many governments, are putting all their water eggs in the basket of cleaning up dirty water, instead of conservation, instead of protecting water at its source. What they’re coming at—the way they’re coming at it now is to clean up water after it’s been polluted. And there’s huge amounts of money to be made. And my concern is, who’s going to control that? Who’s going to own the water itself? If Coca-Cola can own the water it sells you, why wouldn’t General Electric or Suez be able to say, “Well, we own the water that we cleaned up, and we will decide how much money we make, and we will decide how much—who gets it and who’s not going to get it”?"

To me the root of this is the profit motivator: Capitalism. As long as we allow natural resources to be put on the market we will always be at war with someone, somewhere.

The show ended on a good note, "Well, we’re pushing here in the United States for a trust fund for infrastructure. The sewage disposal system in the United States, as in many countries, is in a mess. We’re pushing—we have a “Think Outside the Bottle” or “Take Back the Tap” campaign for bottled water. We’re getting restaurants to agree not to serve bottled water. And we’re fighting the desalination plants, particularly in California, because it’s a bad technology, it’s an admission of failure. And we can do much more with conservation and caring for source water."

For the sake of fighting extinction, learn about this, start here: Blue Planet Project.


Election Schmelections

I am an admitted pessimist, who thinks being jaded about politics is not defeatist, it is being a realist.

The electoral system is rigged. We basically taught other countries how to do elections, they just were sloppy about hiding their corruption. If we are good at anything in this country it is hiding our dirty little secrets. With the help of the textbook publishing cabal, corporate media and voting machines that can add up and exclude by design (for the administration who gives the contract) we really don't know where our votes go or what the real numbers were/are.

From the get go (1787) the Founding, slave owning, Indian killing, Fathers of this country never trusted the possible 'tyranny of the masses' and set up the Electoral College to keep the status quo. Nothing the people have wanted and gotten has ever come from politicians unless there was a ton of people marching and fighting in the streets. This is U.S. history folks.

The drama we are treated to every four years about which rich person gets to pay back his donors at the end of the election has not served anyone but those who get crumbs/jobs from the fallout. To take Obama or Clinton as being different only works on the level of who is smoother in front of a camera and who can deliver the speeches and generalities best.

The Center for Responsive Politics a Washington, D.C. based (whatever that is worth) "non-partisan, non-profit research group" publishes www.opensecrets.org which shows the campaign finance reports for all politrickians. This money web feature is my favorite because it simply "illustrates links between candidates and donors. Included in this web are the 5 top contributors and industries (including ties) to each of the candidates we profile." Looking at the similar donors and the industries that are placing their bets/contributions on both candidates, and in some cases from both parties, you can see which industries will be making the money when the contracts are handed out after all is said and done. You can also look at old election numbers and see the trends there. In short it is all bought and paid for, enjoy the show if you want but don't believe it.

I do vote, but for the candidate who matches my ideals most closely. They never win. This year I began cheering on Kucinich. He matched my beliefs by 93% on this website. Obama comes in at 49% and Clinton at 39%. If voting is about supporting those who best reflect who you would want to represent you, based on having similar beliefs, then my choice is clear. If we have made voting about being a part of the winning team, well by all means play along.

Now that Kucinich is out of the race, I have to go with Ralph Nader. He is a man who has lived a life fighting good fights for the people. If you need to know more about him see "An Unreasonable Man." Or just Google him. Sure he will lose, but the message will be sent. I hope.


Hoy me mando...

Le Regresse...

Ma~ana Santa Barbara...



I guess I'm riding a navel gazing wave. Thoughts linger and make me wonder. Some are taboo topics that many don't like to think about, some are oddball, some just lame.

- Why do we often mourn the pregnancy of a young woman of under 18, but if she miscarries, we also mourn that? How can one day we be sad that 'her life will be hard,' then if she doesn't carry til term, we are sad again? Isn't it a second chance?

- How can we support our friends after a break up with an abuser, but be happy for them when they return to him/her saying he/she has changed after only a month or two apart?

- Does osmosis between people exist? Like: Does hanging out with dumb (or smart) people make you dumb (or smart)?

- When Christians die, do they lay in their grave until Judgment Day OR do they automatically go to Heaven?

- What is the perfect Valentine's?

- Who really is The MAN and is he with The WOMAN? What is she in charge of?

- What degree of separation are kissing cousins ok? 2nd cousins? 3rd?

- Is it incest if you 'learn' (no penetration) about anatomy from your brother or sister? Or is it just show and tell? BTW I'm an only child. I'm just saying.

- Can we all develop psychic abilities with practice? Isn't the brain a muscle, if we just work it out...

- Can we really forgive and forget or do we just play nice?

- Is it weird when your ex stays friends with the people you introduced her/him to or is it just that you have really cool friends that are more fun than her's/his? OR is it that they just want to keep some connection to you?

- Are those friends who keep talking to your exes, really YOUR friends?

- When will the writer's strike really end?

- Is everyone as excited about LOST as I am?

Yes it's one of those days....


what a week...(trippin' good)

I found out I am a Nommo.
my dreams have been intense
energy getting me up early
sitting me up in the middle of intense dreams

shared with students a view of their future.
many seem more awake in class now
they care and want to be ready
studying abroad and new language lessons are in the plans of many.

rode 21 miles, getting ready for 26
saw a bloody fall, from too much fun

fun has been redefined
pushing harder, going farther

DJed 5 hours
felt like 2.5
made an elder feel like a teen with "wild is the wind"
made up for not having her radiohead request

hearts are open to new sounds
love as a theme
approval of the undeniable
respect and gratitude for allowing growth

viewed a life's amount of art
causes, personal, poignant, critical

a fearless artist
inspiring, humbling

the travel and adventure show
opened up more dreams
to be realized


Botanica de Amor this Saturday 2/9 12pm-5pm

This Saturday I will be donating my DJing skills at the Botanica de Amor. It is a craft sale, with palm and tarot readers, limpias, poetry and more. It is at Self Help Graphics the Chicano/a art institution that has been having a rough time as of late. We need to support our spaces and artists, come on out and get something for yourself or loved ones. At the least come by and say hi to me!


Ratting out MEN...

Here are some things I have recently learned, am pondering, can see clearly now, or have finally been able to put into words, about my fellow MEN. Be warned, they are bold generalizations. Be warned, they are conceptual, I think...

- We don't know shit until after 25 or 27 years old. Up til then, we are just making it all up.

- We are told to want the hot, sexy, girl in the little skirt that goes home with us after a few drinks, but more times than not when we get her home that night, we don't/can't have sex with her, because another more primal impulse/response kicks in: This is not the woman I want to procreate with.

- Some of us can take that hot, sexy girl home after a few drinks and rock her world, but we are trying to prove something, working out some issues, and basically not into her as much as we are into ourselves.

- Some of us are relationship guys, even though we'd like to be players. This kind usually screws up a lot of relationships before they can admit to who and what they are.

- Some of us are players, even though we'd like to be relationship guys. This kind has a lot of screwed up relationships because they can't admit who and what they are.

- When we are in love, our ego is gone or seldom seen or heard from.

- Many of us do like comfort, but not boring repetative comfort.

- Yes, many of us think, to some degree, we are gifts from God.

- Yes, many of us think that any woman who looks at us and smiles, wants us.

- Yes, many of us don't know what do when a woman smiles at us.

I've done enough for today. Fire at will...