"A Future with a Past, if we are Connected and Fight"

Finally saw SLEEP DEALER and it was all that and a Jumbo Jack.

I got to see the first prototype of this film in 1996 when it was called "Animaquiladora" where the term "Cyberbracero," was coined by Alex Rivera and Lalo Lopez. Rivera was a cool guy with sci fi dreams, just like me! We never connected even though we know the same people, nonetheless I always would hear how he was always one step closer to making his dream film come true. It was well worth the wait. Thanks for not giving up.

For those who have not gone to see it, expect to see a not too distant future where corporations have developed technology to outsource manual labor. Imagine being wired up in a warehouse in Mexico, and able to drive a cab in London. Si se unfortunately Puede, in the near future. The lead protagonist walks us through this world, and along the way meets a beautiful woman who makes her money selling her memories online. Kind of like blogs but more intense.

I don't want to give too much away, just watch the trailer below, I'll just say there is a great story and visuals to trip your mind. I feel it has a very 1970's sci fi vibe like "Soylent Green" or "Omega Man." It is not flashy nor slashy, it's more of a thinking man's sci fi.

I hope that Rivera takes this into other platforms like webisodes, animation, manga or even photo novela. The world he presents is rich and full of so many possibilities to comment on our current state that it would be a waste to just leave that SLEEP DEALER world with just one chapter. He already has the cool website about Cyberbracero that I linked above. Very much like the Hanso Foundation website that works with thee TV show LOST. I hope he gets a TV series, or more films. It is that rich. Now go see it!!!


Chief Seattle's Response

"The Earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the Earth."

On Earth Day remember, live today for the 7th generation of tomorrow.

Woody Guthrie- This Land Is Your Land

includes the line:
"There was a big high wall that tried to stop me, sign was painted, said Private Property, but on the back side it didn't say nothing, this side was made for you and me."


Tierra de la Culebra


Over ten years ago I was at the right place at the right time to help set up the Tierra de la Culebra. We would go move out rocks, pull weeds and practice danza Azteca there. One day when it really wasn't that cloudy, the danza leader said we were going to dance until it rained. It rained within 5 minutes of us dancing hard. I will never forget that day and the magical place it happened. The other day I re-visited and these are some pics I took.

the culebra head


para Buddha



read for 30 then for 1, now for all


Maybe if we could live in another place
surrounded by everything new
where no one knew who we were before
or where we came from
If we could appear in this place
free of all the scents, mental contusions and scars of the past
Maybe it could happen the way we imagine it for us


we are done
when we are done

with unresolved issues
with holding in words
wishing we can say them
better than the way we hear them in our head

we are done
when we are done

when the good memories fade away
or when the bad memories out number the good
or when the good out number the bad we are done being mad
when we are done we can start the new
and then be done with that


The April Air...

Springing to new life, cleaning, pollen, dust, last year's cob webs.
Looked back at my blog and March - April are full of ups and downs for me.
Spring Break is fun.
As I let go of the old and get ready for the new its good that thru this blog I can see I will be alright.

I do get into my moods as I move forward, like taking a scab off you know fresh skin is there, but it still stings a little to let go. This is one of my favorite Bowie songs. I want to feel this again.

I know with that level of high you risk feeling opposite end of that emotional spectrum when it's time to move on. But to have tasted, been there and felt that much is what it is all about.

Off to Vegas now to shake it up, cut some scabs, clean out old cob webs, gamble, laugh, eat, drink and be in adult Disneyland with good peeps. If you dare come and meet up with us, we got room.


April Fool's Day

For some fun reading go to LA Eastside as we poke fun at so much we love/hate.


Spotted on the streets of Silver Lake, the hottest trend in fashion today, the humble huarache. Long used on the Eastside as fly swatters, rear end spankers and regular old house slippers, the huarache has been promoted to high fashion due to it’s green pedigree.