Pachucoville/Oscar predictions...

Why not?
I love movies. Tis' the season to be critical.


"Little Miss Sunshine" come on this is a freaking comedy! Does the academy like giving Oscar noms and awards to films that show how fucked up families can be? Think "American Beauty." "Borat" should be nominated since LMS got in. Both show how screwed up Americans are. Cute yes, laugh out loud ofcourse, best pic? Por Favor, no.

"Babel" good but not all that. Inarritu has done this formula in his past, now he had more money and a bigger cast. Simple story (for me at least), somewhat touching, relevant, ok acting (it was all in the editing) BUT a film basically about American media overreaction, human links, and a Japanese girl's chonch shot should not make a Best Picture. In that case a movie tracking a Fed Ex package from New York to LA to Kyoto to Bejing, to Athens, to Paris could do the same. Let's do it!

"Letters From Iwo Jima" Mr. Eastwood is the man. This was great film making. Is is a best pic? Sure. Is there better stuff? Read on...

"The Queen" only people who give a crap about the Queen of England, give a fuck about the Queen of England. Who cares? Why should I? Pobrecita had a media issue? ay ay ay. Fuck it. This should have never made out of the TV movie it should have been.

BEST PICTURE WINNER IN PACHUCOVILLE: "Children of Men" or "Pan's Labrynth"

Children of Men: Ofcourse it is not nominated! It scares the shit out of people. This actually says something that "Babel" tried, and "The Queen" thought it did. The acting, action, cinematography, story, everything rocked. Clive Owen, sure he is becoming too much like hound dog Harrison Ford, but he can play moral ambiguity like the best of them.

Pan's Labrynth: A perfect mix of two very different film genres made to seem like they always belonged together. You care about the peeps real and not, the story, the colors, I felt like licking the screen it looked and played so good.


Clint Eastwood, I love this man's eye, his pacing, his subtle touch, the way you forget you are watching a grand film. He is Scorsese's worst nightmare.

Stephen Frears, come on homeboy, you got so lucky with this. Your lead actress has played this role how many times? Can she play any other role? What did you do other than turn on the camera and let her go off on replay?

Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu deserved an Oscar for "Amores Perros." It was new, gritty, exciting, hot, took you places most have never been, brought issues up that were commonly uncomfortable, but for "Babel?" No. "Amores Perros" changed film making in many circles, "Babel" shows he is running in circles. Adelante hombre! You are a bad ass. Stop being comfortable.

Paul Greengrass, his name is very cool, Greengrass, love it. Love it a lot. What film did he make?

Martin Scorsese is the man. He should have won for "Raging Bull," "Good Fellas," and yes "Gangs of New York." Dicaprio fucked that up for him though. "Departed," like many are saying, is warmed over Scorsese, just like I'm saying "Babel" is warmed over Inarritu. Marty has been there and done that. Does he deserve the Oscar, ofcourse, will he win? I would think so, but....

Best Director in Pachucoville: TIE!!!! Alfonso Cuarron and Guillermo Del Toro

Cuaron made a vision without losing the dirt, the blood, the gut twisting decisions humans in extreme situations must make. "Children of Men" will be one of those films that we look at many years from now and hopefully go "Dang we are so lucky we missed all those bullets."

Del Toro made a film that parents love and I bet would love their kids to see, if not for the crazy beat downs and torture. He brought two worlds together and blended them seamlessly without cheap or played out tricks. His story moved you on every level: As a revolutionary, as a parent, as a believer in the unperceiveable, as a lover of beauty.


Leonardo Dicaprio needs to step up to his directors or handlers and tell them to let him get dirty, let his hair get messy, let his fingernails get broken. Please, the accent was ok but nothing else made you think this fool could be a bad ass in black Africa.

Will Smith got jiggy with his little film. So did Sacha Cohen in "Borat." It ain't fair. Smith makes his peeps money already, so they don't have to give him an Oscar til waaayyyy later.

Peter O'Toole, one word : TOOL

Ryan Gosling, now here we are hitting some carne. Crack head teacher, sure. Lot's of them. Great job.

Forrest Whittaker, THE WINNER here in Pachucoville and on Oscar night.
This vato, in my book, can do no wrong. Give it to him for all his work, give it to him for becoming Idi Amin. Whatever, he is far and above all the other guys in this race.


Penelope Cruz, eye candy that can act when her creator, the amazing Pedro Almodovar, is pulling her strings. Otherwise, you get nada out of this European Espa~ola who has been working the Raza angle.

Judi Dench as a pissy lesbian hustling it. Was this role written for her or what? Was there any acting involved? Overall the Academy seems to always need some English accents around during Oscar time, whether or not the acting is great.

Helen Mirren as the Queen of England. Like I said she can't play any other role and how many times has she played the Queen? No acting required. No Oscar should go to her for this.

Merly Streep played a character/archtype/one dimensional over the top fun to watch wreck. Could she have shown us that she is a human under all the Prada, she should have.

Kate Winslet, THE WINNER here in Pachucoville, but unfortunately will be losing to Mirren on Oscar night. She played all those little emotions we hide beneath the surface when we are playing our roles and when we play the roles on top of the roles we play in life. Simple, tense, deserving.


EDDIE MURPHY, "Dreamgirls"

I love Eddie Murphy, I hate his career choices. He is a true acting genius that needs an Almodovar, a Scorsese, or some other great director to help him make better choices than "Norbit." In "Dreamgirls" he simply rocked. You could almost feel the slime on him when he worked that girl in the bus, you could feel his heart beating out of his chest when he was high and you were just as dizzy, pissed off and confused when he crashes on stage. One day we will look back and realize that Eddie Murphy is a true bad ass. I really, really hope he wins Oscar night and drops a phat ass speech.



Sure she was naked and showing off her kuchi but it was not her naked body (parts) that kept you hoping some one would finally give her what she needed. It was her pain, her lonliness and her little girl innocence she pulled out of her 23 or 26 yr old mind. Her silence made more noise than all of Pitt's screaming and yelling.

These are my two cents on this year's flickas. We'll see what happens. Any Oscar party invites you want to throw my way, I promise to keep my opinions to these pages, but the beer I will bring will be for all.

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