The Best BEAN Burritos

It is late, it has been a long day, the only thing that would be good for me at this time of the night/morning is a great bean burrito. A bean burrito is not that bad for you, unless of course they have lard, but then again we might be immune to that. Positive mindset, remember. Best of all most bean burritos are very inexpensive and don't really count as a full meal. They are more like a great snack. The following are some of my favorites, I won't say where they are at exactly because I don't want a big long line ahead of me when I get there. But if you really need to know I will tell you personally.

AL & BEA's

Classic. Simple. Beans and cheese with either Red or Green Chile. The beans are thick, not paste like but they stick to the tortilla. I like to ask for the Bean and cheese with potatos and rice. That is making more like a meal but hey they make 'em by special request. At this spot potatos mean french fries! How Chicano is that! French fries in a burrito with beans and cheese, dang! Then add in the rice ay ay ay.

J&S (open 24 hrs)

This is another classic spot with old school flavor in spades. This is just simply beans and cheese. The frijole consistency here is about the same as Al & Bea's, but be careful these might spill out of their tortilla a little easier. Their salsas and hot sauces are very good, thick and flavorful. Mouthwatering just to sniff them. This spot also has the ubber Chicano Chile Relleno Burrito and a kick ass breakfast burrito they sell at anytime.

Poquito Mas
(various locations)
These are bigger and cost a lil mas but they are grilled and very tasty. Want to be a little bad? Add the carnitas for a couple of bucks more. These burritos need to be handled with cari~o or they might make a mess. Maybe the workers think that since a lot of gringos eat here, and you know they use forks on their burritos, they might not roll them as good if they were serving a Chicano/a population whose cool level is measured by whether or not a burrito falls apart in their hands while eating.

#4 King Taco

(various locations)
Yes, ofcourse, why would anyone go to King Taco for just a bean burrito? Well, maybe it's lent? It is coming up right? Maybe you went vegetarian? Maybe you can't afford the rotisserie chicken or a meat burrito (which are overpriced IMO)? Whatever, these are very good simply because they use the ever loved King Taco Green sauce. Be real trucha with these burritos they will fall apart. The workers are so used to making them with meat and rice that the beans they use are very runny and will break out of their tortilla making you look stoooopid in front of all the Raza in the casa.

T.V. Cafe (24 hrs)

If you have ever been out with me long enough, you know the drill. The #31, the Famous T.V. Cafe Vegetarian Burrito. I know it is not a bean burrito, but it is damn good burrito that is made damn good because of damn good beans. You owe it to yourself to try this burrito out. The mix of the beans with their sour cream, guacamole and great hot sauce, oh my. I need to control myself from gettin in the ride and getting one. This is very filling and can be considered a meal in itself. Usually they maintain their body because all the stuff that goes into it sticks together.

Ah, I feel better. I feel satisfied without the fear of being gassy. I guess writing about food is kinda like cooking it. After you are done you aren't hungry anymore.

Got any burritos I should try? Por favor let me in on your secrets...


cindy said...

Have you tried Ciro's?

Lorena said...

La Corneta or hecho en casa...

Anonymous said...

Al + Bea's - thank you yes.....

Anonymous said...

Another place to get a great bean burrito...

La Estrella in Highland Park on Figeroa and Ave. 61. It used to be Peter Pan's Chinese food back in my day....

They have great bean burritos and bomb all meat carne asada burritos....I like to add beans for an extra touch.

Cash only and burritos are around 4- 5 bucks....bean and cheese are less I believe.

Green salsa is pretty good and trust me after you this burrtio you feel pleasantly stuffed.

Check it out!


Pachuco 3000 said...

gracias, I look forward to further research on this.