Blog B-day 2/8/07

Hola, greetings,

Welcome to Pachucoville where I will translate, critique, clarify, imbue, explain, charliar, pensar out loud, annoy, alert, convert, fart conceptually, and overall BLOG.

It is the thing to do in this era, que no? So why not? I got the Myspace, the two Yahoos and still I got more to throw up on a cyber fueled page.

I am a Xicano living in pre-gentrified Boyle Heights, the heart of Aztlan. I am also a Pochoteca, cybertecha, DJ, produsa, traveler of escapist universes, with visions of grandeur.

I will blah blah blah, so you may ha ha ha, but mostly to give me some cheap self induced therapy as I fill this up with verbal burps.

I don't want to be redundant so if you want to know more about me and are a myspace-ista find the Pachuco3000 and ask to be my friend.

I am not promising consistency, but definately some controversy.


I'm bored.

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