R.I.P Anna Nicole Smith

Whatever she did, said or whatever, she was FINE back in her hey days.

Check your hetero levels if you never ever thought of her in a non Christian way back in her Guess? and first Playboy days.

Pobrecita had it hard, you could see it in her eyes. That was a part of her allure.

She was damaged inside, but on fire outside. She used that superficial fire as power to get what she thought she needed to calm the real fires roaring inside.

She obviously found some love in food and then some pills.
She gave. She took, some.
But mostly I think she gave and we all took what we needed from her.

Rest In Peace Chula.

I am sure now you can laugh with all you got at our silly ways that hurt and used you, as we were amused.

I hope my parents didn't throw away that Playboy with her in it.


Diana Marie Delgado said...

I know this sounds corny but I really loved Ana Nicole and was bummed to hear that she'd passed on. She was a beautiful trailer gal just trying to make her way through this life...

Pachuco 3000 said...

ditto, homegirl.

please drop a phat poem here sometime.