Super Bowl


I am not a sports fan. I would rather play a sport than watch. I know on some level men use sports to connect with other men. It was more than likely something passed on from Dad. My Dad didn't watch sports, so I didn't. He likes watching the finals, so I do too. I connect with men via music and DJing.


-Louie Vega and his Elements of Life kicked it off. House music's early pioneer handling it. I am honored to have met and chatted Louie Vega several times. He is a true gentleman and immensely talented. If you consider yourself a music lover and don't know his name you need to do some research.

-Prince, well he is muthaF###*n PRINCE! Bad Ass. What else can anyone expect from this legend than THE BEST. He is a prodigy.

-The best line was by one of the suits/analyst/has been that drop knowledge, make predictions or a dope line like "Keep your eyes on your baggage." Refering ofcourse to the high number of fumbles and interceptions throughout the game.


SUCKED and I'm not going to name the companies name, if you know, you know.

The best one was the chips one about the guy in the car and the girl walking. Lo-fi and made at someone's home, most likely on a Mac baby.

I remember:

-the dot com that is a job/resume database/myjobspace(?) thing was ok until the last line. Was the vato ashamed of the party going on in the marketing area? That is wack, he seemed like a nice guy, who worked for a good company, but that last moment I was like "What the fuck ese? Are you down with your peeps or what?"

On another level this company had the most commercials next to the chip company, at least that is how I remember it. What is worth noting is that it was a job seeker dot com thing that had the money to get all those ads. Gee, are that many people out of work? Is our middle class out of their office job and now are dropping their resumes on sites like this to the tune of millions of dollars to pay for Super Bowl ads?

-the mechanics who kissed. Big fucking deal. Well its a big funkin deal in some middle amerikkka state but come on wake up, look around. I thought it was lame thinking that ripping out chest hair is manly. How about be a man and make your child support payment fuckin' mechanic. How about spend more time with your girl, doing "fun" things, than with your boys, slapping each other on the back as you watch other men in tight pants run around and pile on top of each other. How gay is that? And then GLADD uses the opportunity to make sure we all know they are out there watching for any mention of gay people, that isn't entirely positive. Good for them though, I wish every one in Amerikkka had an Anti- Defamation League looking out for them. Shit would really have to be funny then.


- I think it was the Colts coach who was quoted somewhere saying it best, and I'm really working my memory here, 'I am proud of this, but I will be even prouder when this isn't even a topic anymore, when it is perfectly natural.'' Or something like that. He was cool. He reminded my of Danny De La Paz from 'Boulavard Nights' and 'Mi Familia' fame. I love Danny and that coach reminded me so much of him in the skinny cholo kinda way.

The game was boring. I think we noted how heavy the rain was coming down more than any play or hit, or fumble.

Whats next? Basketball?

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