The Secret

"The Secret" is a DVD that has been making noise all over the place. Oprah, Larry King and locally KPFK 90.7 FM have been having different people who were featured in it. They all speak of their successes and how the DVD has been changing lives.

It basically is about the LAW OF ATTRACTION. The Law of attraction is that what you put out, you will get back. If you put out negative vibes, you get negative vibes. You put out that you don't want to be in debt you will stay in debt. Something about the universe doesn't hear the "I don't want" part, but it does hear the "debt" part and thus sends you more debt. You know how some people, myself included, sometimes get all "Oh poor me. I am so broke. blah blah blah." The universe sees that you are kind of working or keeping yourself there. SO you stay there.

WE are suppose to think and act and FEEL how we want to feel or be. SO instead of "I don't want to be in debt" we SHOULD say, think, feel and act like "I love not being in debt."

Get it?

Also we are supposed to be totally grateful and thankful for ALL that we have in our life. Let the universe know it by saying it, thinking it and spreading that positive, grateful energy for life. This way the universe sees it is time to give you more good stuff that makes you feel good. One of the panelists on the Oprah show said something like "We need to empty ourselves of negatvity in order for the positivity to come in. We are the only ones who can hold on the the negative or positive in our lives because it is negative or positive ONLY in our own minds eye."

We are suppose to manifest that which we need or want.

Examples given in the DVD include:

-Man who wants millions of dollars. He makes his own 'million dollar bill' and sticks it to the ceiling above his bed, so that it is the first and last thing he sees in the morn and when he goes to sleep. What happens? He writes "Chicken Soup For The Soul" and begins a multi million dollar book career.

-Woman has cancer. Everyday she repeats in her head "I am so thankful and grateful for being healthy and happy, free of disease," "Thank you for my health," "I am healthy and disease free," etc.... She watches nothing but comedies all day, laughs as often as possible and within 6 months she is cancer free.

-Man breaks all practically all his bones in an airplane crash. Doctors say he will live as a vegetable. He lets the doctors know that he will walk out of the hospital in 6 months. He begins visualizing himself walking, talking, running. He remembers the feeling of walking, running and talking. He feels he can do all. He thinks it, He visualizes it. He walks out 6 months later from the hospital as doctors stand in awe.
Scientists are thrown in to show that athletes often are told to visualize their event in order to to have the perfect form and win. These scientists record athletes doing their thang. Then they record them visualizing doing their thang and the same chemical and electrical signals are found to be sent all over the body as if they were actually doing their thang. WOW.

The power of the mind. The universe is like a restaurant, you just have to know what you want and ask for it. You create the world you live in. The universe is working for you. THESE are some of the quotes I remember most.

It sounds easy, but we do have to be disciplined and not give in to fear or old patterns of despair when things happen that we might not have wanted.

I have begun to see a lot of people using, quoting, and talking about this Secret. I think it might actually help us all.

Some more than others. Some with out even knowing that they are doing things that are described in the DVD.

Call it the zeitgeist of the moment.

In these times this is one of the shiniest lights at the end of our tunnels.

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