Who should you vote for?

All the polls are wrong, all the candidates are bought by corporations, a lot of people feel our vote doesn't matter, since voting machines which are made by Diebold, gave Bush Co. a ton of money to get the contract to make the machines in the first place.

So who should we vote for, or should we vote at all?

I think we should vote, but really vote for who stands with our beliefs. Sure that candidate will most likely lose, but it sends a message that at least I am not swayed by the 'I gotta side with a winner mentality.' If you really listen to the news about the Presidential race it sounds like a sports report. This guy is leading by X points and this one is making moves to close the gap of X points. It appeals the American idea of cheering for the winning team. Screw that.

Check out this website and see who you should be voting for.



tacosam said...

Thanks for the website link. Very useful.

Lorena said...

I usually vote for a third party candidate. However, I have decided that tomorrow I am casting my vote for Clinton.

Unfortunately the only progressive candidate in the democratic party already dropped out. Or else I would have voted for Edwards and his working class almost socialist agenda.