DJ Rant

I'm not teaching or preaching about some important issue or past
I'm not painting, reciting or calling the gods with ancient drums
I'm not filming and showing some reality I think you need to know about
I'm just the DJ

I'm not doing public therapy
I'm not claiming I know the truth
I'm not asking for the mic or spotlight
I'm just the DJ

You don't have to pay me
-I'm a selector who just loves showing off his collection
You don't have to bill me on the flyer
-I know no one is coming just to see and hear me
You don't even have to know my name
-I don't care
I'm just the DJ

I'm a God when I play your favorites
A devil when I don't take requests
I can make your body move in ways you do only when naked
I can hurt your ears and make you wish you were dead
I am the DJ

Just because I don't jump around claiming revolution everyday
Doesn't mean I just know a turntable's revolutions
I don't need a gun or mask
I can crack a record or CD and slice your ass
I can throw a speaker and crush your face
I can tie you up in wires do what I please and what you fear
I am a DJ

I play old stuff and new to make you remember and escape
To say what I got to say I use recorded sounds combined in new ways
I speak in a language you may not know today
I don't rely on images of calaveras, virgens, lowriders, gangsters, dead revolutionaries, and Aztec pasts.
What are you trying to say over and over and over, again and again and again?
What do I know, I'm just a DJ.

I don't splash paint and say it is deep
I can't hide my mistake of going off beat
I don't write on walls and expect it last forever
I know my mixes are temporary, you just had to be there
I don't write a play or book and think no one has said it before
I know some one some where is playing the same record I am
I am a DJ

I am a dime a dozen
One of me is born everyday
So little talent is required
...right (?)
Play the same records
Don't care to learn how to mix
All that scratchin is makin me itch!

Gays in the disco honor me
Hip hop disowned me
Rockers now wish they were me
Ravers of course hail me
Couples in weddings need me
Promoters under pay me
Users use me
Promoters over pay me
Dancers love me
Dealers like me
Club owners bare with me
Outsider, second thought, background noise, lord of the dance...
Postmodern nightmare
I am a DJ

(Happy B-day Bowie! 1/8)

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