Another Awesome L.A. Weekend

It was my last weeekend before the semester starts and correcting papers becomes part of my weekends, so luckily I had a great partner to partake in the fun...

Friday: Started out with breakfast at House of Pies in Los Feliz since we were going to climb up Griffith Park. I grew up going up and down the hills behind the Observatory, I hadn't been there since last year's fires. It was sad to see up close how much had been burned. The view from the top was great as always. Made our way down and out to Venice beach. The parking gods gave us a free spot right near the non-existent boardwalk. Took a nice long walk taking in the sights and smells that only Venice can provide, through the crowd and then along the sand. Drove back in traffic eating oranges, listening to good music and making up our own lyrics to familiar standards. Home to change and go back out to Studio City for dinner with her long time friend for a 'get to know this guy' evening of dinner and drinks. We met at Mexicali which is a good loud party place. We sat outside where it was easier to hear each other. I think I made a good impression.

Saturday: The morning began with tamales at La Mascota, and a car wash at the super East Los 'Bob's Hand Car Wash,' with fresh squeezed orange juice for her and carrot juice with apple juice for me. Bob's is total Mexican kitsch with paintings of sombrero wearing car washers, pictures of old Mexico, various artifacts like old wagon wheels and rusted horse bridles. It's like if Knott's Berry Farm had a Mexican themed car wash. Along with the parrots and Koi fish, fresh squeezed juices and CD and DVD sales, Bob's offers the best place to get your car washed. Time flies with so much to look at.

Later that night we met up to make a stop at her cousin's b-day party at Element. I was supposed to be on the VIP list, but when we got to the door, bypassing the long lines, I wasn't. Fortunately, I think we looked too good to say 'No' too, so they let us in anyway. That's love in L.A. Bought her cuz a drink, hung out for about 45 min. then we had to get out to hear some good house by DJs that don't sound like they are playing the top hits from the history of Power 106. We walked two blocks east to King King for Balance. Balance is promoter Sue Dread's club that features the best deep house DJs on a Saturday night in the heart of Hollywood. This night our boy Raul Campos would be the guest after resident DJ Kemal warmed up the place. We danced the whole time we were there, which is typical since the music and energy is always so good at Balance.

Sunday: I entered the Midnight Ridazz into the Doo Dah Parade in Pasadena, so I got there around 10:15 am. In talking with Doo Dah organizers I had told them we should have between 100 and 300 ridazz, but unfortunately for a variety of reasons, we only had 25 peeps. Que sad. Because of my so off the mark prediction they gave us the lead position. We made the most of it, riding in circles, having pillow fights with our child participants, handing out Ridazz info flyers, blasting music on portable sound systems, dancing in the streets, and basically being Midnight Ridazz at midday. We had a blast. Some pics and stories.
Met up with my partner in crime/love/fun and her good friend and watched the whole parade. She noticed how the majority of participants were older folks. I think it maybe that having whimsical fun and not taking yourself so seriously was lost on the more recent generations. After the parade we got some food at CPK and then saw the scariest movie I've seen in long time, "El Orfanato" (The Orphange). I felt chills and I never feel chills at movies!
Later, to cap off another awesome L.A. weekend, we had to dance it up, give praise and thanks at my church DEEP. Guest DJ from N.Y.C. the legendary Timmy Regisford rocked it, like he usually does keeping the international crowd in a frenzy throughout his 6 hour set.

Thanks to all that crossed my path and joined me in another awesome L.A. weekend. I feel blessed. I hope you all have awesome weekends and great memories wherever you may be.


Wendy Carrillo said...

i missed the parade! boo! i suck!
looks like you had a good time!

Pachuco 3000 said...

Didn't I text you that morn about it? I figured you of all people would be up at that time of day.