MLK day

If MLK's dream were alive or had come to be, would we be at war?
... would we have free health care?
... would the Jenna Six not exist?
... would we have a national Malcolm X day too?
... would Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu Jamal be free?
... would schools be free all the way to Phd.?
... would we have ever have had a Bush in office?
... would Oprah have Latino/as on her show?
... would black people have afros? ('cause the ones I see on TV don't)
... would Tupac and Biggie been killed?
... would we have ever needed hip hop?
... would humans be labeled illegal?
I hope you had the day off to think about these things and more...


Melinna Teatrina said...

thank you for extracting reflection and inspiring criticism of the status quo in which many injustices prevail which are most certainly contrary to MLK's dreams. Unfortunately, his visions, to a large extent, still remain dreams. If MLK's dreams had come true, would biggots like Ward Connerly be pushing an anti-affirmative action agenda and doing so while using King's name in vain by claiming to uphold his views of equality?

Pachuco 3000 said...

Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Questions are always good, they shake off the dust of old ideas.