En Red...

We began by ice skating in downtown
Trusted each other that neither would allow the other to fall

Walked through the Biltmore
Made mental notes to return for tea amidst the ancient gringo facades

Dined at an old favorite bathed in red lighting
Home to rest and reinvigorate

Out for two birthdays at two bars, one an old friend, and a newer one
The rain always seemed to break, just for us, to walk umbrella free
(gracias Tlaloc)

East L.A. Love promised and delivered,
nothing else like this... en red


Wendy Carrillo said...

awww! que cute.
I went to the circus, yes the circus on a date once, it was very cute, and the lights were red and he said "you look so beautiful under these lights". your pic reminds me of that :)

cindylu said...

Sounds fun. I hope you avoided the rain. I got caught in it Friday night, but still had fun.