The scariest film out now is...

"SICKO" by Micheal (you media sluts love to hate) Moore.

I've seen "Hostel" and other contemporary 'horror' movies, but none left me as scared as SICKO, because it is real and could happen to me or someone I care about.

It left me almost shaking in fear. I was also depressed. This is not to say you shouldn't go because it is scary and depressing, it means you have to go because you need to see it.

Sure we know our health care system is screwed up, but this documentary puts faces to the story and compares our system to England's, France's and Cuba's. It really lets you know that in this country, if you cannot afford health care you are totally at the mercy of your insurance company's whims (if you are insured). Our capitalistic system is immoral. Our current health care system, which is a reflection of our capitalist bent, is also immoral on the same grounds. This leads to my second must see film

This explains it all. Corporate mentality which functions as a psychopath does, has infected most of us and is leading us down an unsustatainable path to death.

Scary stuff. View with caution. Makes "Hostel" look tame.

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