Acid House

This week Doc Martin is bringing the creator of Acid House DJ Pierre to a warehouse somewhere in the city. They will be celebrating 20 years of Acid house.

In 1987 I heard my first Acid House at a party called "Sexpress" at a bar on 7th, just east of the LA River in Boyle Heights, the real Eastside. The DJ/promoter was DJ Adrian who had been a part of the Awesome Foursome DJ crew which included: Mark 'Danger,' Willie 'Guilty, & Danny 'Debonair.' From El Sereno house parties, to Hollywood established and floating parties like/at: Details, Red Zone, Florentine Gardens, Ukranian Hall and Rosie's these guys played out a lot in mid to late 80's. By 1987, Adrian was doing his own thing and focusing on the new House music coming from Chicago and New York.

At "Sexpress" you would walk into a dark room lit by black lights and televisions that were set upside down playing porn. The walls were covered in black plastic with day glo doodles and splattering all over. The beats were relentless, instrumental and mind blowing.

In the other room, the bar to be exact, Eddie Ayala, Johhny Vatos and John Avila of Oingo Boingo played East L.A. rock classics to give you a break from the new sonic experience that was Acid house.

Here is the link to a mix I made using some of the earliest Acid House I could find. It aired on my radio show. Here it is in it's entirety. Enjoy. PT Acid House mix

I don't usually think of promoting parties on here, but being that classic rocks stations and the print media are spending so much time on the 1967 Summer of Love, I think this is important to recognize our own cultural creations such as Rave culture which was bigger and still very much alive. In the UK their Summer of Love was in 1988, here in L.A. 1992 saw the crest of the large illegal raves. Today we have larger events at the Sports Arena, Orange show and other venues all based on those early models of raving.

I hope you come out and experience this music as it was meant to be experienced, in a warehouse, with great DJs, open minded music lovers and dancing like no one is watching.


Lorena said...

jetset worthy?! :)

Anonymous said...

DJ Pierre definitely did it for me... DOC and Pierre, great combination... loved the bass...

Pearmama said...

Florentine Gardens, talk about a blast from the past.