Pedo, blog: four letter words

Is blogging robbing me of the time to be writing something more significant?

Before I went on my very brief summer vacation, my mentor, homeboy Harry G. told me "You need to publish at least two things before you come back to teaching. It is the only thing that really seperates you in your job searches." I have a couple of things out but not of any big big value. I always take his words to heart. I admire his writing and manipulation of language as he said many years ago, more or less: "To turn the english lanuage into shards of glass and weapons to use against them."

At the beginning of my break I got offered a book review for the "LA Times," but because I had exchanged some emails with the writer of the book I was supposed to review, I couldn't be ojective, so they retracted their offer.

I have sat at my computer and thought of deep things to write about. Nada came to me. As you can read I've thrown up some things on here. Argued on others blogs. But I have done nothing to seperate me in the job searches.

Harry G. has told me many stories of writers and artists who came into their own later in life. He also told me about Chicano time, not that we are always late to things, but that we do function at a different pace in life, sometimes faster, sometimes slower. We get married and have kids too young sometimes. Take a vacation and see the world too late in life. We find our muse or cause and blow it up, only to be perceived as that is all we have to say for the rest of our life. We don't find our real muse or cause until we can only use our last breaths to get it out.

Is blogging like the silent farts that no one knows about? Only a few make a stink for those near. Gee I'd hate to be remembered for that one, but fuck it.

Another homeboy, Ese Rudy! (only I can call him that!) said this in an interview with Harry G.

So this makes me keep thinking about what good thing should I be trying to leave behind. hmmm
Let me get off this machine and keep looking. Keep making some footprints.
I'll be back


Puchica! said...

I think, if you are open to the idea that you can manifest change, and allow for differences of others to kinda just surround you, without you just shrugging them off because they are different from yours – that exercise can really help you come into your own as a writer, a professional, and as someone with something to say. Trully.

You have amazing people in your life that see something in you. Don’t waste your time and theirs by doing nothing, in other words, keep farting. Did I just write that?
Oh Hell.
Blogging is only… a mere reflection of all the images your mind is processing. Don’t get caught up in your own issues with identity or what you think or are told what a “Chicano” should be.

Be you. Once you accept that and understand what I mean by it, the book deals and the awesome job, will be around the corner.

But in the mean time, God dammed its hard!!!!

Siguele CompaƱero!

Pachuco 3000 said...

I don't know if I should watch "The Secret," Oprah, learn to like The Spice Girls and Britteny Spears or be insulted??????
"Don’t get caught up in your own issues with identity or what you think or are told what a “Chicano” should be."
I don't have a probelm/issues with being Chicano. I just am what I am.
Most of the time people have a problem with my being a Chicano and expressing my views, which sometimes probably makes them question their views.
OK everybody, stop, and question your view.
Now was your view based on life lessons or marketplace stimulation/repetition?
Real needs or created needs?
Healthy choices or 'cool' choices?
Convenience or Psychological/emotional stress?
The pursuit of accumulation of goods or the pursuit of self realization?
What looks good or what feels right?
staring at navel.....

Anonymous said...

Can't we all just accept we are in Nepantla?

LeeSee said...

What a treat to see Rudy on Youtube, I'll bet he likes that.