Sign of the times?

Last night I joined the Midnight Ridazz on their "Warriors" themed 'hide and go seek' bike ride throughout Hollywood. When we were flying through Wilshire Blvd., on our way to the meet up point at Pan Pacific Park, my cell phone fell out of my pocket and split into two pieces.

My social life passed before my eyes!

Who was I suppose to call tonight? Tommorow? During the week!?!?
My pictures?
My phone numbers?

How soon can I get another one?
Who do I got to call to help me fix this?
How can I reach them! Their phone number was in the my broken cell phone!

Ok, get home and start emailing people. No, I will have another phone by tommorow night.
Maybe they can get all my phone numbers out of my broken phone?
Oh crap, what if my numbers were saved to my phone memory and not my SIM card? Are they lost? Forever?
Some people I had in my phone I have not called in ages and that is the only way I know how to get a hold of them.
Some close close friends and family phone numbers are not memorized! I only had them in my cell.

The feelings I had/have are singularly 21st century, digital age.

It is sad that we get so connected to things that keep us connected to others. I felt I lost my friends at some level.
I had to use my home phone!

I remember having a phone stolen.
I remember my friend coming out of the bathroom, after a looong time, carrying her cell phone in a paper towel because it fell in the toilet!
So sad.

What are your cell phone lost, or broken, stories?


pushing30 said...

my phone fell into the toilet once. it was then i vowed that low rise jeans werent worth it. urban legand has it that if that ever happens, one should put the cellie in the fridge. so i did just that.
my phone froze, but just like the Jesus in the leaf miracle, it came back to life for 1 hour and it was then, that i did and excel chart of all my numbers on my handy dandy laptop. if i drop my laptop into the toilet, then Im really fucked.

Pachuco 3000 said...

that would have to be one big toilet or a very small laptop.