Happy/Feliz MEXICA New Year!!!

One of these days, when the sun is at it highest point in the sky, reach over to the nearest (adult) person, grab their crotch, or give them the Xicano handshake, kiss them, lick them, or do whatever you do when you want to say "I love you humanity," and scream out "Happy Mexica New Year!!!"

One day all our astronamos van ah find out exactamente que dia the actual Mexica Nueve Year begins. SO for ahorita, we get to throw un chingo de parties, letting the mundo know, WE 'member, we 'member, you know, you 'member too. We recordamos that que there is our time. Our calendarios, Nuestro Tonalpohualli. Nuestro calendar ceremonial de la divinidad.

This is why there is TIME and then there is CHICANO/A TIME.
Nos movemos to the beat of all the pinche drums, de tiempos pasados y futuros -BOOM BOOM MAMI MAMI

(to the tune of "Tis the Season...")

Es la season for chapulines (xa xa xa xa xaa xa- xa- xa xaa)
No mires pinche pingo xa xa xa xa xaa xa- xa- xa xaa
Es sagrado este tiempo xa xa xa. xa xa xa. xaa- xaa xaa
Vamos ah party on xa xa xaa- xa- xa- xaa- xa xa xaa

Yeeeeeaaaarrrrrrr of Acatl xa xa xa xa xaa xa- xa- xa xaa
Grow a seeeeed, praise a tree xa xa xa xa xaa xa- xa- xa xaa
Darle gracia ah Ometeotl xa xa xa. xa xa xa. xaa- xaa xaa
Party at Self Help G. xa xa xaa- xa- xa- xaa- xa xa xaa

Not to long ago un chingo de desmadrosos, poleticas, cyber terroristas, piratas, artantes, graphinese, micro radio moscas, y a sprinkling of ghosts and elders, held the first MEXICA NEW at the Old LA CITY JAIL en Lincoln Hts. Creo que danzantes may have honored el nuevo a~o de los Mexicas before this, let me know. Pero from this point on, cada year there has been a Mexica New Year celebration, con danzantes, musican-tantantes, mas poleticas, y siempre el arte, en algun local en Califas Sur Aztlan. This time around en este point of his-toria, we have been lucky to have mas que one party. It is getting bigger y grande, como us, como our conscientizacion (sp? ay caray!), como todo. En Five years, it might be the next Day of the Dead where even gringos will host celebrations. Ay caray!

Espero that yo puede meet some of you at the SHG celebracion, va estar CABRON!!!!! Read below for information y some knowledge from the Self Help Graphics sitio.

Mexica New Year Celebration

In the Mexica-Aztec calendar system, there are 18 periods in a solar year, each period containing 20 days, with 5¼ transition days. It is a Mexica tradition to end each year with reflection and meditation. Each year-name is formed with a number 1 through 13, followed by one of four signs: Tochtli (the rabbit), Acatl (reed), Tecpatl (knife flint), and Calli (house)—in a cycle of 52 years. A "New Fire Ceremony", a 12-day long festival that includes fasting and sacrifice, is held every 52 years to welcome another calendar cycle.

The Mexica calendar system reflects a belief in which nature is respected as mother and the observers harmonize themselves with this mother-nature.

The celebrants of the Mexica New Year experience self-achievement as they focus on the significance of each yearly sign. Tochtli (the rabbit) is a day of self-sacrifice and service to something greater than oneself. Tochtli signifies fertility, energy, accomplishment, sensitivity, versatility, and a belief that everything sacred results in experiences of self-transcendence. Acatl (reed) is the scepter of authority which is, paradoxically, hollow. It is a day when the arrows of fate fall from the sky like lightning bolts. The celebration of Acatl is to seek justice, but by not acting against others. Calli (house) is the time for rest, tranquility and family life. The celebration of Calli is best spent cementing relationships of trust and mutual interests. Tecpatl (knife flint) refers to trials and tribulations; and testing one's character, but not one’s past accomplishments or reputation. Tecpatl is about the mind and the spirit, sharpened like the glass blade, cutting to the marrow of truth.

It is the mission of the Mexica New Year Celebration committee to bring knowledge of these principals to the greater community, through a month long series of new and enlightening cultural events. Workshops of music, art, theatre and related study will be offered as a means of awakening self knowledge and finding harmony with nature. Each year, the month long obervance of the Mexica calendar will end in a family festival open to the entire community. Festival presenters and activities will be based on the principals of the Mexica sign being observed. Through these activities the Mexica New Year Celebration committee looks to create new traditions and ceremonies for the purpose of bridging our community to its past, providing a deeper level of understanding and assisting in the transformation of self-discovery.

The Year of the Acatl (Reed) - 2007 Mexica New Year Celebration.

This year Self Help Graphic’s Mexica New Year Celebration will take place on March 17, 2007 from noon to 9pm. This will be a celebration with something for the whole family.

This is the year of the Acatl (Reed), which has the themes of water, and beginnings (for example a sprout, the young, and seeds). We would like our little human sprouts to learn to appreciate their city, through inspiring ecological presentations, information, story telling, creative play, art, the history of Los Angeles and other local lands, the history of the Los Angeles River , and general themes of recycling and environment. As part of this year’s Mexica New Year celebration, we will create an impromptu farmers market of neighborhood growers. The South Central Farmers and Caracol Market have committed to providing the local selection of offerings for this year. An independently owned local restaurant will provide delicious lunches and dinners at a nominal fee.

Our main entertainment stage will be located in the parking lot, surrounded by vendor-booths of local artisans, visual artists and crafters. The entertainment program will feature eclectic performances of music, poetry and teatro. Already slated to appear are: Ollin, Jeninche & The Jaguars, Sirculo, Claudia Mercado, Humo Verde, Gabriela Medina, Teatro Chusma, Gerard Meraz, La Resistencia, Toks, Nuai, The Sirens, Culture of Rage, Milagro, Aztlan Nation, El Vuh and a few surprise guests.

The upstairs ballroom will host ecology related information tables, samplings, community resources, recycling opportunities, kids programming, a student artwork exhibit , the food court and family dining area.

A little drizzle of rain is expected---be sure to bring an umbrella!


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