I guess I'm riding a navel gazing wave. Thoughts linger and make me wonder. Some are taboo topics that many don't like to think about, some are oddball, some just lame.

- Why do we often mourn the pregnancy of a young woman of under 18, but if she miscarries, we also mourn that? How can one day we be sad that 'her life will be hard,' then if she doesn't carry til term, we are sad again? Isn't it a second chance?

- How can we support our friends after a break up with an abuser, but be happy for them when they return to him/her saying he/she has changed after only a month or two apart?

- Does osmosis between people exist? Like: Does hanging out with dumb (or smart) people make you dumb (or smart)?

- When Christians die, do they lay in their grave until Judgment Day OR do they automatically go to Heaven?

- What is the perfect Valentine's?

- Who really is The MAN and is he with The WOMAN? What is she in charge of?

- What degree of separation are kissing cousins ok? 2nd cousins? 3rd?

- Is it incest if you 'learn' (no penetration) about anatomy from your brother or sister? Or is it just show and tell? BTW I'm an only child. I'm just saying.

- Can we all develop psychic abilities with practice? Isn't the brain a muscle, if we just work it out...

- Can we really forgive and forget or do we just play nice?

- Is it weird when your ex stays friends with the people you introduced her/him to or is it just that you have really cool friends that are more fun than her's/his? OR is it that they just want to keep some connection to you?

- Are those friends who keep talking to your exes, really YOUR friends?

- When will the writer's strike really end?

- Is everyone as excited about LOST as I am?

Yes it's one of those days....


Lorena said...

on friends & loyalty...

if they are friends that you value and are important to your growth, let them know how the situation makes you feel.

if not, move on with out them. you will be fine.

Pachuco 3000 said...

I guess if they don't understand the simple unspoken ways of friends, then it is best just to leave them be and move on. All is as it should be. All gravitate to that which they need.