Ratting out MEN...

Here are some things I have recently learned, am pondering, can see clearly now, or have finally been able to put into words, about my fellow MEN. Be warned, they are bold generalizations. Be warned, they are conceptual, I think...

- We don't know shit until after 25 or 27 years old. Up til then, we are just making it all up.

- We are told to want the hot, sexy, girl in the little skirt that goes home with us after a few drinks, but more times than not when we get her home that night, we don't/can't have sex with her, because another more primal impulse/response kicks in: This is not the woman I want to procreate with.

- Some of us can take that hot, sexy girl home after a few drinks and rock her world, but we are trying to prove something, working out some issues, and basically not into her as much as we are into ourselves.

- Some of us are relationship guys, even though we'd like to be players. This kind usually screws up a lot of relationships before they can admit to who and what they are.

- Some of us are players, even though we'd like to be relationship guys. This kind has a lot of screwed up relationships because they can't admit who and what they are.

- When we are in love, our ego is gone or seldom seen or heard from.

- Many of us do like comfort, but not boring repetative comfort.

- Yes, many of us think, to some degree, we are gifts from God.

- Yes, many of us think that any woman who looks at us and smiles, wants us.

- Yes, many of us don't know what do when a woman smiles at us.

I've done enough for today. Fire at will...


la rebelde said...

dang, i wish i'd known all this several years ago! haha.

Pearmama said...

I'd say you were pretty thorough.

Lorena said...

this made me laugh...and i hadn't in a few days.

notes from nor-cal, from a well researched perspective :)

women as trophies- usually older, divorced, accomplished men who just can't be bothered with reality or umm her thoughts.

women as breeders- usually the international jet set guy that values intellect and motherhood, so how bout birthing a small brood then moving to a foreign country?!

women as travel companions- the well to do lonely guy, that just doesn't want to take one more trip alone.

women as virtue- party boys and men alike often seek their exact opposite.

i think what you wrote is spot on for 20something men, mine is probably for the thirtysomething...

Pachuco 3000 said...

Oh there are more to give away but don't know if I will be allowed into the boy's club if I tell about those. Looking for the right words.

tacosam said...

Great list. I agree with your comments. I really didn't know anything until my early 30's.

Also, the duality of the male ego. The male ego is the most strongest thing and the most fragile thing at the same time.

Now that I am expecting our first child, that has also changed my views on maleness and fatherhood.