what a week...(trippin' good)

I found out I am a Nommo.
my dreams have been intense
energy getting me up early
sitting me up in the middle of intense dreams

shared with students a view of their future.
many seem more awake in class now
they care and want to be ready
studying abroad and new language lessons are in the plans of many.

rode 21 miles, getting ready for 26
saw a bloody fall, from too much fun

fun has been redefined
pushing harder, going farther

DJed 5 hours
felt like 2.5
made an elder feel like a teen with "wild is the wind"
made up for not having her radiohead request

hearts are open to new sounds
love as a theme
approval of the undeniable
respect and gratitude for allowing growth

viewed a life's amount of art
causes, personal, poignant, critical

a fearless artist
inspiring, humbling

the travel and adventure show
opened up more dreams
to be realized

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