So far, so fast...

Life is at this speed that makes me feel like I can split into a bunch of pieces, and that would be a good thing since I got to be doing so many things.

-DoD was great. Q n I did go to the cemetary to see grandma and grandpa. Grandma I grew up with, Grandpa died in 1945, so all I knew was the stories I heard about him from my mom and grandma. We bought them cookies, laid out my yoga mat and ate tortas, as we cleaned their tombstones and laid flowers on them. I told her stories of how strong my grandma was bing able to lift old bathtubs and how amazing her beans were. An elder came by us o visit his wife who had passed 15 years ago. He talked to us about the saint on my grandparents tombs and told us he was the Santo Ni~a de la torcha (sp?), the patron saint of Zacatecas and of miners. My grandpa was a miner! And they were both from Zacatecas! I was impressed with him. He got on his cell phone and called one of his sons telling him "Don't forget to come to the cemetary today, es el dia del panteon, Mexican style." My daughter paid close attention to him despite not really understanding him.

-Later that night we were at DoD at SHG here are some pics:

-I've been re-working my thesis on DJ Culture of East L.A. because lately I've been having a lot of talks with different people on this subject of Chicano DJs, music, art, space and how we fit in the global DJ culture. When I have a good edited copy I'll pass it on to you if you ask.

-A couple of Saturdays ago I was quoted in Agustin Gurza's LA Times column commenting on my homeboy DJ Raul Campos or try copy and paste this:http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/la-et-culture20oct20,1,5852472.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

-It is almost the end of the semester and papers are piled up. I am confident in all my students, so its been good reading not just because they are bright, but because I gave them good ideas and fodder to fill their brains with before letting spew on the keyboard. I've had a great semester despite a rough beginning due to some health issues.

-Looking forward to two great rides this coming weekend:

I just hope my stack of papers is smaller by then.


cindylu said...

It's Santo Niño de Atocha.

His image is also on my grandparent's grave marker (link) even though they're from Guanajuato.

My mom's family is from Zacatecas so I grew up with lots of Santo Niño stuff around the house and have visited the shrine in Plateros (near Fresnillo) a couple of times. Last time I went, I got some pictures of the photos and drawings devotees left thanking el Santo Niño (link).

A Chinito From LH said...

The Day of the Dead. Every culture celebrates it. It is not something we understand nor appreciate when we're young. I believe, as we mature in our adult life we're able to better relate and understand the reason behind the DoD.

Btw, I randomly found yours and "el chavo" blogs of Lincoln Hts. They're very amusing and nostalgic. :) Keep up the good blog..

Pachuco 3000 said...

Wow Cindylu and me might be distant cousins! That would be too cool.

Thanks for stopping by