Eastside essentials

Eastside has:
-bu~elos, tamales and champurrado on street corners
-elotes, tacos, hot dogs w bacon, everyday, at anytime
-98cent stores, not just 99cents
-the majority of people are Mexican, Chicana/os or some generation of Raza immigrant
-banda music, techno, explicit rap, and KROQ 80's music blasting out of homes and cars
-we know what KROQ music is newbies
-backyard parties with DJs that play every type of music without being ironic or thinking it's kitsch
-strolling mariachis
-Virgen murals on most street corners, most with accompanying flowers and candles from the devout

What the Eastside DOES NOT HAVE, or need:
-fixed gear riders
-Pabst Blue Ribbon
-know how to spell kitsch
-overpriced Mexican food
-vintage stores
-chain smoking, depressed looking gringos
-juice bars


chicanaskies said...

i LOVE LA hot dogs (wrapped in bacon). YUMM!

cindylu said...

Can we just say the Eastside doesn't need any gringos?

chimatli said...

thank you!