So Thankfull...

For the spirits around me
-that stay up to hear my whines
-help me fix things beyond my knowing
-offer assistance they often need
-tell me stories that make me feel better
-give me hope
-who get me out of trouble
-show that it can always get darker
-for supporting me despite not communicating for months
-that trust my actions, even if they know I will be hurt
-who are there to help me get back up
-distract me long enough to gain perspective
-that save me from myself
-give me words to use
-laugh at my jokes
-show me places I haven't been to
-are willing to go down with me
-fight along side of me
-who know we will always be
-can put up with my changes and still want to hang out
-deal with my contradictions
-have patience beyond mine
-remind to pray
-who teach me
-who are saints today
-who were devils like me
-who are still devils like me, occasionally
-can read my mind
-understand we are connected
-don't forget my favorites
-offer safety
-all the free passes
-for the free drinks
-get me to the front of the line
-give me music and beauty
-give me space to blow up
-help me put the pieces back together
-trade recipes with me
-know when I am growing and let me
-remind me who I am when I forget
-share moments of intimacy
-share moments of selfishness
-feed me when I can't feed myself
-offer warmth when I am cold
-play my games
-help me stretch
-work with me to be better
-ride with me through unknown paths
-meet me in dreams
-drive out of their way
-push me to be more
-forgive me
-excuse my excess
-believe I will have success
-call just to hear me
-remember me, when I forgot them
-are examples of what I can one day be
Thank you, you know who you are.


Lorena said...

...the muse has struck :)

Puchica! said...

Smile Now, Cry Later.
You are such a cholo. with your poetry...