Monday mental overload...

Starting from Tony V's press conference about the May Day marches:
A) so dope to look at the TV screen and see all brown faces in suits, with some power, talking about making the LAPD pay and the only white guy there was the chief of police. It was Tony V., Fabian Nunez, Kevin De Leon, and Huizar? Hey sounds like a MAP party to me.
B) Gloria Molina is classic!
C) When Tony V. went over his whole speech in Spanish immediately after his english version, dope.
D) The talk was tough but no one said anything, ofcourse, if this was a plot by agitators. ? Too tough a question?

Later that night at First Fridays at the Natural History Museum, the band I AM ROBOT was jacketed as being Zapatista from a DJ who should know. Looking at this band, it is hard to imagine them in the jungles of Chiapas rocking out the EZLN. I know I am being superficial. They did have 'presence.'

Saturday :(
De la Hoya lost.
Is liking De la Hoya a lipmus test on Chicanidad? I know Chicanos who love him like the Dodgers or Raiders, win or lose. Then there are others who hate him for ... being De la Hoya.
It was a technical and strategy filled fight, which makes for a boring fight to watch. No one got whipped physically. Simply put two great fighters showed boxing can be an art.

My Mac is sick : (
I hope I can heal it. I need it these last two weeks of the semester. I need it period. This is heavy.

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