another Monday, but not so overloaded

The Mac is still sick, but getting worked on. I am very lucky to have such generous, wonderful friends that help me out. Thus haven't been able to write thoughtfully, unthoughtfully, or at all, so this will be a rant of what I've been doing as if you care, but if you do thanks!

Simpsons 400th Episode!!! I grew up on the Simpsons, addicted, thank you. Can't wait for the movie this July 27th, Q's b-day btw.

Season finales!!! Tonight: "Heroes" and "24", Wed. "LOST." Last Thurs. "Ugly Betty," so far so soapy.

"28 Weeks Later" was so much fun. If you haven't seen the first one "28 Days Later" you won't be confused watching the latest.

Joke Time!!!:
What did the Devil say when he heard that Jerry Fallwell had died?
(Jerry Fallwell, amoung his many other racist, hateful proclamations as the leader of the Moral Majority, which is the Christian Fundamentalist equivalent of the Taliban, said this after 9/11 "This attack is due to all the gays, feminists, abortionists and ACLU types.")
The Devil said: "Hey guys I got a great idea. Bring me my Jesus costume."

Bike Time:

YESTERDAY, Sunday: Rode my bike from Burbank to my house all along the LA River. Very dope, so nice. Did it in 2 hours at a crusing speed with stops along to the way to check out the murals, freeway and river.

Saturday I rode from BH to downtown, I know it is not far, but it was beautiful. The streets were empty, it was sundown, I got this pic from the bridge connecting the YMCA to the Bonevanture Hotel.

Last Friday I rode with a Pasadena based bike group that focuses on teaching beginners on the basics of riding in traffic. It was different (a lot shorter ride) and smaller than the groups I have rode with in the past. They had food and drinks which was very cool. Riding through Colorado and Fair Oaks was nothing like riding through any major street in Hollywood. In Hollywood people get excited and come out into the street to applaud you and cheer upon seeing a group of bikes show that we don't NEED cars. In Pasadena people looked annoyed? Or was it guilty that don't get it?



Anonymous said...

your welcome for the company... the way you write it sounds like you were a loner... my favorite was the bike ride from burbank to BH... very dope. -y

Lorena said...

the entourage season finale rocked :)highly recommend it...

Pachuco 3000 said...

I like to keep the innocent nameless.

I am not cable-ized.

Puchica! said...

I need a bike. I am inspired to use one because of your constant blogging about biking around LA.

I did however, do 11 miles on the bike at Club Bally's. Does that count????