What a week...(embargoed)

The hip hop summit.
The Virginia Tech massacre.

Both rooted in reaction to and born of racism, and classism in a society that incorrectly values purity and monoculture.

Hip hop use to be about the voice of the poor, ghetto residents and how they make do, have a good time, dream of self determination; the nation couldn't hold them back.

Today hip hop reflects a rich white man's existance who drive Bentley's, have pool parties with prostitutes, use all kinds of illegal drugs, are not afraid of resorting to violence and act like they are above the law. Hip hop is now rich white people's music and Black is slowly becoming the new white.

A smart (smart enough to get into Virginia Tech) student, with some obvious anger management issues, saw through the rhetoric of this country and took out his frustration on rich white, privledged people. I am sorry for their families loss.

Now imagine if we had 32 people get shot, killed, blown up or tortured every day for 5 years. How traumatized would we be then? How many convocations would we have?

In Iraq every day this happens.

Iraqi land and oil, become rich white guys land and oil.
People are shot and killed by a military led by mental illness.

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