Music Theory #1

Controversial Theory Number 1.

The era of hierarchy is closing and Rave culture helps to prove it.

This theory began as a discussion about live music and DJs. It also began with looking at a dollar bill and hearing “Sacred Circle” by Aztlan Underground many, many times.

The pyramid on the dollar represents our society. Up until now we have functioned under a hierarchal paradigm where there are a few leaders at the top and the masses on the
bottom. Our religions/politics/homes are shaped this way: Christ, Buddah, Muhammed, kings, presidents, heads of household. One/few at the top, the rest follow.

This is ending.

Collectives, boards, committees are now becoming the more common way to make things happen. The EZLN emphasizes that Marcos in not the leader, only the spokesman. Bush does not lead so much as follow the orders of his cabal of corporate donors. Corporations have taken out much of the power of CEOs and placed it in Executive boards. And DJs have made going out for a night a participatory event, not a spectator event.

People who want to go and see a band perform want to be entertained, like at home, quite passively. Watch the skills, see the faces of the voices and musicians you heard on the way to the venue. Maybe a fist in the air, a sway, a whistle, an applause of course. But that is all you really HAVE to do.

I was at a band show and saw people doing three things: holding their partner, swaying to one or two songs, or hands in pockets or at the side waiting for the cue to applaud. Even if the music was danceable, people were too concerned with what the singer might do rather than to just feel the music and dance. It is not like the singer was going to do a head-stand or light anything on fire. They were just singing.

The time between songs seemed to me to last forever. I thirsted for a beat, a rhythm, a melody to wrap myself in. I don’t want to hear you love me from some singer I don’t know or care about. I want to hear some frickin music! Shut up and play already!

People who have been exposed to the good and healthy version of Rave culture know that they are a part of creating the vibe for the party as much as the entertainment/DJ. You dress up to dance, maybe to look hot, to sweat, to move, to mingle, to meet new people and to basically feed the DJ back as much as he or she is feeding you. Sure there are some rooms where a lot of people are staring at the DJ, but overall, people are there to dance their butts offs. To participate.

Rave took the emphasis of going to be entertained and made everyone a part of the party. “In this illegal party, we might all get busted. We are in this together.” Rave is not about celebrating the DJs/entertainment, so much as celebrating life, freedom and expression. Not many people are comfortable in their own bodies to be able to close their eyes in a sea of people and dance like no one is watching.

Some people, get it, some people don’t.

This new era of participation, of engagement, is the new era that some call the 6th Sun, or the Age of Aquarius. Either way it is about raising one’s consciousness / knowledge to be able to then contribute to the whole. OR it is raising your self-esteem and endurance to dance the night away. It has to start somewhere, somehow.

The paradigm has shifted, is shifting, we all need to step it up. Have something to bring to the table. Have something to contribute to the party. BRING IT. Be in it, not just watching.

The end of the pyramid is happening. The re-entering of the Sacred Circle is calling. What are you bringing to the circle? Start by supporting your local DJs. Bring back the ideals of P.L.U.R: Peace, Love, Unity & Respect. Dance like no one is watching. Be in dancing shape at the least America! Join an idea. Critical Mass bike rides are a great alternative.

Critical Mass is an idea. No leaders. No set routes. Just meet on the day and ride in a group, let the mass lead.

Learn to be in community with others for something. We don’t have to know EVERYTHING about the person next to us, just that right now, at this moment we are in PLUR. Is this getting too hippy for you? It is for me. Blast away.


pushing30 said...

"We don’t have to know EVERYTHING about the person next to us, just that right now, at this moment we are in PLUR."

You honestly think people are ready for that kind of thinking?

Pachuco 3000 said...

Many are and have been thinking like that.
It actually happens more times than not.
Keep your eyes, ears and heart open for it.