Of all the people you meet throughout your life, on the various paths you have walked, the good times n bad, passing strangers in the night, the long term pals, the short terms flings, those you call only on holidays, those u see only in the dark hot dancefloor, friends you rely on for gossip, comfort and laughs, people who knew u n remeber u only how they last saw u, work friends, people u used and those who used you, text friends, online friends, never seen them in person friends, one cup of coffee shared, people u know u can call anytime n they will be there, but u never call.
Who will u like to see on your last days?
Who can see u as skin and bones? In a diaper, unable to sit up alone. Can't speak more than a few words. Can't stay awake longer than 15 min at a time. Who would u let see u like this?

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Anonymous said...

As someone who has been there to end for a number of friends and close relatives I can honestly say that it is no mystery or coincidence that when the time comes, only those people who have supreme love will be invited.
And it doesn't matter what the body looks like because those that love only see the soul when it departs this earth.
Don't be concerned Pachuco, whoever is supposed to be there will be there.
God Bless,
don quixote