The April Air...

Springing to new life, cleaning, pollen, dust, last year's cob webs.
Looked back at my blog and March - April are full of ups and downs for me.
Spring Break is fun.
As I let go of the old and get ready for the new its good that thru this blog I can see I will be alright.

I do get into my moods as I move forward, like taking a scab off you know fresh skin is there, but it still stings a little to let go. This is one of my favorite Bowie songs. I want to feel this again.

I know with that level of high you risk feeling opposite end of that emotional spectrum when it's time to move on. But to have tasted, been there and felt that much is what it is all about.

Off to Vegas now to shake it up, cut some scabs, clean out old cob webs, gamble, laugh, eat, drink and be in adult Disneyland with good peeps. If you dare come and meet up with us, we got room.

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