Watching "Watchmen"

It was a premonition that I was defending my Star Trek love to Fran over at the Brooklyn and Boyle offices, hours before El Random Hero and I went to catch the 12:31 am screening of "Watchmen." Fran was picking on us for being such geeks and I said "You have no I idea how deep the geek hole I go." I admitted I had a Star Trek shirt and mentioned that I should go home and get it to wear tonight, just to up the geekiness of the night.

After eating at El Gran Burritto we got to the Arclight a 1/2 before our show to take in the sights of the opening of this much anticipated film.

As soon as we walked in my homie Brent came up said "Hi" and told me that Zachary Quinto was there to watch the movie. Ofcourse I told EHR that Sylar / Spock was in the house and too keep an eye out.

Near the cafe / bar they had on display three minature models of the USS Enterprise which are a part of an art show celebrating Star Trek. The art show will have some 40 different models from different artist interpreting the Enterprise. This one said it had Aztec influence. I don't see it, but it's dope nonetheless.

Next we took in some of the costumes from the "Watchmen" and some of the peeps dressed like characters from the film.

We still had some time so we posted up where we could get a view of the room and soon enough Zachary Quinto was right in front of us.

I noticed next to Quinto was JJ Abrams, the creator of LOST. OMG
I immediately sent ERH to ask for his photo too and then I saw that Quinto was kickin it with some other pretty peeps. I asked Abrams if that was is Kirk, he said "Yes that it is my Spock, Kirk and Uhura." WOW the new Star Trek crew was in the house!

I stood there mentally kicking myself for not having put on my Star Trek shirt. I could have gone up to them and said something like "Hey I know we are undercover here, you know prime directive and all, but just letting you know, I'm with you." Then I could have flash them my shirt!

I once crashed a Midnight Ridazz ride dedicated to Star Wars while wearing my Star Trek shirt. A lot of people were mad at me. I would just respond with "When you guys figure out how to time travel, mess with the space time continuum and figure out transporters, talk to me. Til then I have restrictions on how much I can interact with primitive societies." Geek on ese.

Oh yeah the "Watchmen" movie. I liked it. I expected a lil more. The fans will like it. I don't know how many peeps who like a decent detective story with super hero costumes are out there. I hope there are a lot and that they come out and see the film.


El Random Hero said...

Vatos locos forever

EL CHAVO! said...

Oh No! Yer one of those people too!?! What is the world coming to? ;)

Anonymous said...

omigod! omigod! omigod! did you ask AJ about the crazy statue and who the baby was?!!!
omigod! omigod! omigod!

how was the movie????!

cindylu said...

Wow! I'm geeking out about JJ Abrams. I don't think I woulda recognized him though. I know who he is and all, but I'm not so far down the geek hole.

But I did go see the Watchmen at 12:15am Friday. I had so many questions afterward. I asked the bf who had just read the graphic novel.

Pachuco 3000 said...

-forever ey

-yes, I am one of those people

-I was kind of star struck, you know how we are about LOST comadre especially this season. He isn't involved anymore anyway.

-ERH got your twitter when we sat down about you getting your tix, I was going to text you, but figured you were inside watching it already.