Elyisian Park

I grew up in Elysian Park. My mom's family had a home there and were forced out for development that never happened.

Then Dodger stadium came and took out others from the hills surrounding the park. I would be told stories of living there, the ghosts, the fun, the freedom, the people and animals.

I rode my bike as a kid all over that park. Hiked all its trails. Would have beers at the top above the reservoir or on the bridge high over the 110. It's a refuge full of memories, an escape where I can let my mind wander, and empty out what I don't need, sharpen what I'm looking for clarity on, and a good work out area when I need to get my heart and lungs pumping.

I have shared many great times alone, with friends and family there. These are pics from one path I recently walked. To all the people who've shared time with me there and others who know what I'm talking about, these little sights are for you. The park never lets me down.

The start or bottom of this path.

You can see a snow capped mountain, past the grass and trees

Wide trails and thin ones

The top and the flowers

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