Pachucoville goes east: NYC here we come...

Rolling out tomorrow for an early b-day trip for both Q and R. Taking R's cousin F who is 14, so my 11 yr. old Q can have someone else to talk to when we bore her.
It is Q's and F's first trip to the Big Manzana. Excitement is in the air.
A lot to do today: finish grading some papers, pick up Q, last minute shopping for thermals, get torta ingredients (to make tortas) and munchies for the plane and packing.

Any suggests, aside from the usual tourist traps?

We are planning on getting to all of these in our 4 days:

Central Park
Times Square
Statue of Liberty
Empire State Building
Brooklyn Bridge
Ground Zero
Wall Street
Rockefeller Center
Broadway Show

Metropolitan Museum
Natural History
Alex Gray
Whitney (Three Chicanos from So. Cal are showing)
Museo del Barrio (Harry Gamboa Jr. has pics there!!!)

Meat Packing District
Brooklyn/Williamsberg (need to go make fun of hipsters)
Grenwich Village
Little Italy
Upper East Side

I would love to go see:
David Letterman
Conan O'Brian

Little Louie Vega @ Cielo

Will update you if I have access or when I get back.


Miguel of EastsideScene.com said...

Two recommendations: The Apollo Theater and the cloisters.

Hope you have a great time.
Happy birthday!

MsAbcMom said...

Wow! Your trip sounds like it will be great. Enjoy!

Adrian said...

Apio Birthday!

gotta Check out

this little bar/restaurant is near Bleeker St./Sullivan Gangsta-inspired Cuisine it opens after 4pm....

There are actually Four Chicanos in the the Whitney.

Ruben Ochoa (Oceanside)
Mario Ybarra Jr. (Wilmas)
Daniel J. MArtinez (ELA)
Eduardo Sarabia (ELA)

thats baaaaaadddddddddd!....

Thanks for coming out the other night. I can't wait to hear you thoughts.

Pachuco 3000 said...

WOW thanks for the suggests, keep them coming.

Love the Florencia 13 Restaurant 'The Boyle Hts. burrito!!!! Elysian Park Flautas!!!! gotta try 'em out. LOL

Anonymous said...

My fourth time in NYC and can’t wait for tomorrow!! :)
For some reason I’m super excited about sharing what I call “the best city in the U.S.’’ with YOU, Q and F!! yes, you read it right Best City=NYC :P
Muuuuuach hasta ma~ana amor!

Wendy Carrillo said...

I love NYC!
Where are you staying? that will determine a lot of your plans... especially costs in travel, most def get the week plan for the metro. Its snowing, so do the ice skating in central park, $5 rental, you can also do the carriage ride, im sure Q would love that. horses and everything all over Central Park. You can also go to the Penguin tank and the zoo! Then you HAVE to take her to the giant toy store across the street, FAO Shwartz on 5th Ave. and dance on the giant piano keys on the floor. Fun! The museums are cool, but time consuming, but, The Met is donation! We gave 5cents! No lie!
The Empire State is also very cool, I think its like $30 with the video tour and you skip the long lines, can save you hours. Depending on the weather, time it so that you are there right around sunset. You get the day light and if you stay a while, can catch the lights.

The Statue of Liberty is a must! Go early as you need to catch a ferry and it only passes every hour or so, sometimes it can sell out. Its also hella cold so take scarves and gloves.

If you go to Little Italy, you can also go to China Town, they are right next to each other =)

The United Nations is also a cool spot, all the nations flags should be up and really cool to see. David Letterman is in Manhattan, maybe you can go early and get in!

Ground Zero is dope. Go between during lunch rush hour and catch yourself with all the suits!
So many places, so little time. You are going to need to rest once you come back!

Have a great time! And be weary of the falafels!

I found the only Mexican restaurant by NYU. Take your own bottle of tapatio!

cindylu said...

*bookmarks suggestions*

have a happy birthday.

i haven't done a lot of touristy stuff in new york, and i'm not sure i'll get the chance this time around. i don't mind though.

LeeSee said...

Linked your blog today on our weekly feature: blogs of note.

Pachuco 3000 said...

BTW it wasn't my b-day, it wasn't even my travel partners b-day. Their b-days are all near each other so we considered this like a b-day trip for them.