On Religious Parties

I got several calls on the 17th about what I was going to do for St. Patrick's Day. I simply responded, "I don't do that, St. Patrick's Day is like Columbus Day."

The story goes St. Patty went to Ireland to drive the snakes out. But get this, there are no snakes in Ireland!!! So what did he do? He went to get rid of the Druids, and Earth Mother/Mother Nature based religions -which are represented by snakes.

So to celebrate this tool of Christian conversion is like celebrating Columbus. No thanks, I'll stay home and listen to U2.

Last year I thought about starting a movement to make Easter a bigger holiday than Christmas. My logic is that all prophets were born, but only Jesus came back to life, so we should celebrate his resurrection more than his birthday.

Anyone want to help destroy the Christmas capitalist machine?

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tacosam said...

A lot of Religious Holidays have been hi-jacked by outside force. I doubt that the feast of St. Patrick was meant to be celebrated inside a pub drinking green beer until you pass out. St. Nicholas or St. Nick somehow was morphed into Santa Claus--an old white guy with a long beard and big belly who breaks into your house, not to rob you, but to leave your kids a present.

Easter, celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, was morphed into Chocolate Bunnies for some reason.

The Religious significane of Christmas is just about obliterated. It is bad to even say Merry CHRISTmas. Everything is now HAPPY HOLIDAYS.