My mom was born in Chavez Ravine, more specifically La Loma, even more specifically on the kitchen table. She was raised during the most racist era of U.S history, next to the colonial era, the 1950's. Her Mexican-ness was thus downplayed, so I grew up celebrating Christmas on the 25th while all my neighbors and friends celebrate on the 24th.

In my journey of de-colonization I have left Catholicism, western religions in whole and their adherent celebrations. Nonetheless I am surrounded by friends and neighbors celebrating these days. It is inescapable.

I could join in and have two days of this: party with friends and neighbors today the 24th and continue on into the 25th with my family, but I would feel like a hypocrite.

During my college years I would hermitized myself during these days, locking myself in my home, renting videos and chilling out in my head while everyone else did their traditions. See you on New Year's!

Now that I have my daughter, I participate in whatever she asks of me, either the 24th or the 25th. For a few years we would go to the Dorthy Chandler to see the Christmas Eve Holiday Show they put on every year. Last year we missed, so this year she doesn't want to go. I will honor my parents by taking my daughter to their dinner on the 25th.

I'm perplexed today. I can go to church with friends and see a real Mexican Navidad with a big Mexican family. I'm an only child, so more than three peeps is a bigger family to me. I can get with my pocho pals and go to DEEP's Pajama Party in Venice tonight. Or I can hunker down solo, go for I'm sure would be an amazing bike ride through empty streets and rent me some flicks.

I know I am blessed to have such great choices.

I hope you feel and appreciate your blessings not just at this time of year, its so cliche, but always.

Se me cuidan...


Wendy Carrillo said...

so... what did you end up doing?

Pachuco 3000 said...

I went for the bike ride on the 24th, but before that I pissed off my mom and karma got me back with two flat tires.
On my way to make peace with mom, I got the first flat. I thought my karmic debt was paid, but on the way home at Olvera street, where I stopped to hear a trio and watch old people dancing, my tire blew out again.
I had to walk my bike home from there over the river and up the hill. Good work out.
Rented DVDs and chilled afraid if karmic debt still needed more.

Anonymous said...

Most likely prepare for the karmic debt, you have too many coming your way.

cindylu said...

I don't think getting flat tires is karma, maybe it was just a coincidence. Either way, hope you enjoyed your DVDs.

Pachuco 3000 said...

anonymous: dang! thanks for the positivity. what did I do to you?

cindylu: I had a great night of fun movies, thanks