Adelante como Elefante...

2007 was a bitch for la Raza.
The ICE raids spilt familias and have gente living in fear.
Immigration is at the top of idiot politicos 'issues' and this of course affects us all.
The war, remember we are at war, is ignored in lieu of making sure people are guilted into paying a visit to the church of consumerism, the mall, and making large donations.

Despite all that, they can't stop us.
We can celebrate in the most humblest of situations.
We are healthier than everyone else, outliving others by at least 7-10yrs.
Our customs are changing the cultural landscape: The news on the 24th was about how for so many people, the 24th and NOT the 25th is Christmas.
Our magazines, TV channels, radio stations are blowing up as Madison Ave. scrambles to figure out how to market to us. What Spanish will be understood by most, Spanglish?
The other headline earlier in the month was about the massses recognizing La Virgen.
They can't stop us.

On New Year's Eve KCRW is having Pachucoville homeboy Raul Campos host "A Latin New Years Eve." Raul has myself, Little Louie Vega for an hour, DJs from the bands: Kinky, Pinker Tones, & Los Amigos Invisibles, DJ Santi and others lay down some serious mixing like only us mestizo mixers can from 9pm-1am. Tune in si puedes. KCRW.org will be archiving it as well. This Westside station recognizes! We are the future, despite all the hate and fear we create in small minds, we will run this place. Are you ready? Bring it!!!

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