Another semester in the can. It was a good one. Six classes altogether making me drive from the 405 to the 605. Lots to read still and grade, but the hardest part is over.
My culture classes had final projects. I gave extra points if they did videos and posted them on Youtube. So here are some of the best so far. I have another batch coming in this week.
I had them view lots of videos from Hennessy Youngman, ASCO, Harry Gamboa Jr., Guillermo Gomez Pe~a and former students videos from other semesters. This semester yielded the most video so far.

- funny

- funnier and great camera work

- a star is born

- most creative

I hope they leave them up for awhile. I am very proud of them.

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Anonymous said...

Great videos! What a cool assignment. Congrats on the end of the term.