Are Friends Electric?

Gary Numan was the soundtrack to my teen angst. Along with Ultravox, Adam and the Ants, The Police and various punk rock bands I drummed along or laid underneath furniture with headphones on, eyes closed, escaping.
Today, when things, or friends break down I wish it was as easy to escape as it used to be.
Today's escapes are self exile, and I'm the broken friend.
Or am I going through another form of puberty?
I told my students today, in order to grow sometimes you need to go through some fertilizer, just like the grass. Shit makes you grow.

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kualyque said...

ah, man, what makes you think puberty ended for us foos? ;-)

& going through fertilizer: Well, shit, if that's the case, then I must better be just about to sprout up like a f*in beanstalk here already or somethin, hijole! ya basta! throw SOMETHING good my way! :-)

but always remember like I try to do: you got friends, always, even when the shit's knee-deep and rising.