Friday rides

Riding my bike with a group of people I do not know adds to my practice of animosity.
In South Central we ride pass a large parking lot filled with cars despite none of the stores being open.
Next to the cars were groups of people hanging out, listening to their car radios, talking, and checking each other out.
One of the riders hears me yelling at the people near their cars "Come on grab your bike!"
He then says to me, or to anyone within earshot, "How sad is that? Just standing around their cars in a parking lot."
I reply, "They are just like us, a bunch of people riding to nowhere."


Anonymous said...

The PC pussies on LAeastside did not post my comment on your flea post. I just wanted you to know I would rather get infested by hipster fleas that read your crappy poetry. Fuck all of you Raza hipsters. You guys are no different from the white shits you mock.

Pachuco 3000 said...

Raza hipsters are called Chipsters. Gosh you would think people would know what's up.