End of the semester head spins fall into headstands at 24 hr fitness where Rudy, Kozmica y Ruben also stretch, run, sweat.

End of semester softball vs students, faculty wins, again.

End of semester F's, A's and "I was in your class but I hardly ever came, can I get a C?"

End of sanity in Arizona, apartheid returns to Amerikkka.

End of reacting to insanity masked in big lies, media repetition and myth makers/followers.

I got my own myths to tell, repeat and twist over and over again.

Looking at ideas/words like: immigrant, economic refugee, illegal, conspiracy, repetition, erasure, censor, myth maker, idea editor, dignity, racism, patience, fertility, desert, death, next gen, mex gen, bilingual, single, education, stolen, borrowed, renting, fading, reclaiming, can't deport us all (or kill), we didn't cross the borders, the borders crossed us, Machete, Shakira, stepping up, hiding out like Olmos et al. nada on Az., kissing up to whitey, eugenics, biological determinism, ghosts of lies and truths, hyperbole, honesty, honor, history, Rudy Acu~a, Nazis burn books, literacy rates in Amerikkka, die with dignity, or screaming about being under attack by the most powerless?, culture evolves, that means large parts of it die, deal with it.

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